Academic governance of the Carey Business School is primarily the responsibility of the Dean and the School’s tenured ranked faculty. 

Sharing in this responsibility will be an Academic Board with two primary responsibilities: (1) to offer advice and counsel regarding the academic governance decisions of the Dean and tenured ranked faculty as requested by the Dean; and (2) to carry out responsibilities as described in the Academic Appointment and Promotion Policies and Procedures document.

Structure of the Academic Board

The Academic Board will be structured as follows:

  • The Academic Board will consist of nine voting members, including the Dean.
  • The Provost will be the chairperson of the Academic Board. The Provost’s membership will be ex-officio without a vote.
  • The Vice Dean for Faculty and Research will serve as the Secretary of the Academic Board and will not have a vote, unless he is appointed by the Provost or the Dean as a voting member.
  • The Dean’s membership will be ex-officio with a vote.
  • Except as to the Dean and Provost, the Academic Board membership appointment is for one year and subject to reappointment without term limits.
  • The Academic Board will meet at the direction of the Provost as requested by the Dean, at least twice each year.
  • The Dean will propose the names of eight tenured Johns Hopkins University professors. The Provost will accept or reject the proposed names. If, after deliberation, the Dean and Provost cannot agree on membership, the Provost shall name the required number of Board members so that a majority of the Board members are approved for appointment by the Provost.
  • A simple majority of the Academic Board’s members will constitute a quorum. The Academic Board may act in its official capacity whenever there is a quorum, but only so long as the Dean and the Provost (or her/his designee) are among the members present.
  • If a faculty member petitions the Dean for an action requiring the approval of the Academic Board and the Dean denies the request, the faculty member may appeal the Dean’s decision to the Academic Board.
  • The decisions of the Academic Board regarding appointments, promotions, and tenure are advisory to the Provost.
  • The Provost in consultation with the Academic Board will appoint an Appointment and Promotion Committee (APT) described in Section 8 of this document. 

2017-2018 Academic Board Members

Dr. Federico M. Bandi*
James Carey Professor in Business
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
Dr. Colleen Barry
Chair, Department of Health Policy and Management
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health 

Dr. Bernard (Bernie) T. Ferrari
Professor and Dean
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Dr. Gregory (Greg) D. Hager*
Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare

Dr. Sunil Kumar (Chair)
Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Nancy Reynolds
Associate Dean of Global Affairs
Johns Hopkins School of Nursing

Dr. Valerie Suslow
Professor and Vice Dean for Faculty and Research
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Dr. Kathleen Sutcliffe*
Bloomberg Distinguished Professor
Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Dr. Michael Williams
Krieger-Eisenhower Professor
Johns Hopkins Krieger School of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Jonathan Zenilman
Professor of Medicine
Johns Hopkins Medicine


*APT Subcommittee