Leadership Development Opportunities

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Program Details
  • 13 in-person and virtual leadership training opportunities
  • Credit and non-credit opportunities for full-time, part-time students as well as executive education participants
  • Leadership development opportunities for all level of professional experience

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Leadership Development Opportunities 

Whether you are a new graduate or a working professional, developing your leadership skills can lead to the next step in your career. At Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, we build business leaders who seize opportunities and create change for the future.

Carey Business School offers multiple leadership development opportunities for students and working professionals at all points in your career.

Leadership Development Program certificate

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Who it’s for: mid-career professionals

The Leadership Development Program at Carey Business School is a nationally recognized program where you will learn how to manage a diverse and inclusive workforce to become one of tomorrow’s leaders. As a LDP participant, you gain access to a network of Johns Hopkins experts who are eager to help you succeed.

MBA Leadership Development Programs

Flexible MBA with a specialization in public- and private-sector leadership

Leading through change and uncertainty is difficult yet necessary for growth. With the Flexible MBA specialization in public- and private-sector leadership, you will evolve your leadership skills to become a professional in problem solving, project management, and political influence. The Flexible MBA specialization builds both soft and technical skills to help you become an inspiring leader. Lead teams with ease knowing you have the skillset to navigate conflict.

Belize leadership development expedition

Leadership Development Expeditions

Learn and lead through Johns Hopkins Leadership Development Expeditions. For those who are looking to improve their leadership outside of the classroom, our experiential expeditions will challenge you to create a deeper understanding of your own leadership skills. Develop your leadership potential while building the connections to lead a team. Our hands-on approach, coupled with extensive one-on-one coaching, will allow you to focus on your growth as a leader.

Norway Expedition

Enhance your individual and team leadership on a nine-day trek through Norway’s mountains and glacial fields. This physically demanding course will enable you to navigate hardships to improve your leadership style, work together with team members to find solutions to challenges, and lead the group to peak performance.

Belize Expedition

Learn to lead across different experiences and perspectives on a nine-day kayaking journey. The Belize leadership expedition will challenge your conceptions and train you to lead your peers through challenging new situations.

Executive Leadership Training Courses

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Who it’s for: Mid- to upper-level professionals

Become an advanced leader in your organization with support from Carey Business School’s Executive Education Leadership courses. Fine-tune your leadership skills and develop new strategies for inspiring the workplace. Access the tools to help you succeed in your role. And end your course with the expertise to create positive change in your organization. Executive Education has five specific leadership courses to choose from:

Leadership in Action

Become a force for change in your organization to empower the people on your team to lead with influence. The Leadership in Action Executive Education course is an opportunity to dig deep into your leadership skills and develop new approaches to complex problems. The action-focused approach in content and delivery will leave you with tools you can carry directly back to the workplace.

Leading Inclusively

It’s important that your team members feel they are creating lasting value in your organization. The Leading Inclusively Executive Education course works to develop a better understanding of the power of inclusion to help attract, retain, and motivate your organization. Our research-based strategies will help you achieve performance goals while continuously valuing your team members.

Leading Organizational Change

Change in an organization is inevitable. Learn to lead through hardship in the Leading Organizational Change course. Step out of your comfort zone and learn new skills for effectively approaching change in your organization. The top-down approach will stretch you beyond your assumptions to ultimately face challenges and become an expert at navigating change.

Essentials of Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching empowers future leaders to identify their skillsets and advance their careers. The Leadership Coaching course allows you to discover a coaching path that works for you. Explore new talents and create individualized plans to implement coaching skills in professional conversations. Maximize your impact on your organization to build high-functioning teams for the future.

Cotopaxi Leadership Expedition

The Cotopaxi Leadership Expedition takes you to the summit of one of the world’s highest volcanoes to help you build skills for your future. Through teamwork and one-on-one training, this nine-day trek will leave you with a deeper understanding of how to run an organization as a savvy leader. Cotopaxi gives you the opportunity to take charge of a group and find solutions to real-world problems in real time.

Executive Education Leadership Academies

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Academy for Emerging Leadership

Who it’s for: working professionals with less than five years of experience

The Academy for Emerging Leadership will develop your key leadership skills to help you move your career forward. Gain the confidence and business skillset that successful organizations look for. Utilize a personalized learning approach to better reflect on your strengths and opportunities. And take the time to find what may be holding you back from reaching your full potential. Our program supports your development through coaching exercises with Johns Hopkins faculty.

The Academy for Women and Leadership

Who it’s for: Mid- to upper-level professionals

Today’s business world has seen a rapid increase in the number of women in leadership positions. Yet many women still face challenges in their career advancement. The Academy for Women and Leadership will help you achieve your top professional goals and work towards equity in the workplace. Learn how to overcome obstacles to leverage your influence and move in the right direction towards career success. As an alumnus of Women and Leadership, you will have access to a network of leaders committed to the ongoing development of equity in the workplace.

Summer Business Academy

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Who it’s for: Rising college juniors and seniors

The Carey Summer Business Academy offers undergraduate students the opportunity to explore graduate-level business education. Explore the latest trends and applications in leadership and management while learning how a graduate degree can enhance your professional development. The one-week academy features hands-on learning opportunities to work on problems faced by local communities. Present your findings to a panel of expert judges from a local sponsoring organization for the chance to win a prize