Yiqing Xing

Yiqing Xing, PhD

Assistant Professor
Academic AreaEconomics

Dr Yiqing Xing joined Johns Hopkins after receiving his PhD in Economics from Stanford in 2016. His research interests include social and economic networks, microeconomic theory, development economics, and political economy. One line of his research attempts to bring the traditional tools of mechanism design to the modern field of economic networks. Another topic of his research studies the interaction between formal market and informal enforcements in community and social networks. His research has been published in top journals such as Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). He has served as ad-hoc referees for journals such as AER, QJE, Econometrica, JASA, etc.


  • Ph. D, Economics, Stanford University
  • MA, Economics, Peking University
  • BA, Economics, Peking University
  • BS, Mathematics, Peking University


Selected publications

Working papers

  • Screening with Network Effects (with Fanqi Shi), December 2019
  • A Theory of Multiplexity: Sustaining Cooperation with Multiple Relationships (with Chen Cheng and Wei Huang), October 2019
  • The Network Effects of Agency Conflicts (with Rakesh Vohra and Wu Zhu), December 2019



  • Business Statistics (for MBA)
  • Statistical Analysis (for MS)

Honors and distinctions

  • Black & Decker Grant, Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School
  • Leonard W. Ely and Shirley R. Ely Fellowship, Stanford University and SIEPR