POLICIES & procedures


What should i bring?

For writing appointments, bring 2 copies of your assignment, the professor's requirements, and syllabus. You should also bring something to write with and take notes on. You can bring a laptop for yourself, but tutors only will use paper copies of your work during the appointment. 

For quantitative appointments, bring your textbook, notes, and assignment. You should also bring any materials your professor gave you and something to write with and take notes on. Please bring a laptop if applicable to the assignment. 


What happens during an appointment?

At the beginning of the session your tutor will ask about your assignment and how you have begun to approach it. Your tutor will ask what you would like to work on, so if you already know, you should tell your tutor this in the beginning. Typically, you will work on 1 main concern during an appointment.

During writing appointments, your tutor will read through your writing and will discuss strong and weak points of it. Of primary interest are the argument and structure, proper response to a question, development, and whether you have a thesis and have supported it. Other issues, such as grammar and syntax, are considered secondary. Rather than identifying every error in your writing, your tutor will point out patterns of error and will attempt to explain rules that will enable you to identify these errors in your paper on your own. 

During quantitaive appointments, you should explain what you are having difficulty with to the tutor and be prepared to show your attempts to solving problems. Your tutor will watch your attempts and identify errors in your approach and will attempt to explain how to correctly solve the problem or will explain concepts that you are struggling to understand. 

At the end of the session, you and the tutor should summarize what you have learned and what your next steps will be, including whether to schedule another appointment. 


By scheduling an appointment, you agree to all Student Success Center policies and procedures.