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Health care is in the midst of an AI-driven transformation, but we must do a lot of work to realize AI’s potential in the real world.

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How privilege and politics are affecting disparity in vaccine rates

What factors contribute to the racial disparities in COVID-19 vaccination rates?

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Can reciprocity neat self-interest in motivating healthy behavior?

CDHAI delves into an anthropological trait every human being has possessed since ancient times: reciprocity.

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Caution! Doctor ratings on the internet can be quite outdated.

In the U.S., almost three-quarters of patients utilize five-star scale web ratings of physicians to guide them. But how much should you trust these online ratings?

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Foretelling the physician’s future: Health care fraud prediction with behavioral big data

Fraud, waste, and abuse have been identified as some of health care’s most vexing challenges, contributing to rising health care costs.

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Addressing algorithmic bias and the perpetuation of health inequities: An AI bias aware framework

You would not want to live in a world where the medical app you use discriminates against you.

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