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Flexible MBA Employment Outcomes

Employment outcomes for Flexible MBA graduates

At Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, our MBA graduates are defining the next generation of business. Prepared with the analytic and leadership skills to find innovative solutions in changing markets, Carey Business School MBA graduates don’t just look for the easy fixes. They build for what’s next in your organization and your industry. Our MBA graduates both bring the skills and knowledge to excel and embody the Carey Business School values.

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Flexible MBA graduate class profile

Our graduates reflect a diverse group of talented and intellectually curious students.

Learn about our class profile*.

  • 633 average GMAT score
  • 46 percent male / 53 percent female
  • 3.33 average undergraduate GPA
  • 8.2 average years of full-time work experience
  • 93 percent of students from the U.S.

*Fall 2021 incoming class

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Our flexible MBA graduates have accepted job offers in the following industries: 33% in healthcare, 9% in government, 9% in manufacturing, 7% in real estate, 6% in consulting, 6% in energy, 6% in financial services, 6% in technology and 15% in another industry.

Average base salaries for Flexible MBA graduates

Salaries by industry*

Consulting $119,167
Government $117,100
Health Care $110,571
Manufacturing $119,063
Technology $121,467

*Not an exhaustive list 

Salaries by job function*

Consulting $118,125
Finance $94,500
General Management $114,577
Information Technology $119,000
Marketing/Sales $118,750
Operations/Logistics $116,792

*Not an exhaustive list 

Salaries by years of work experience

Work Experience Percent Avg. Base Salary
4 to 7 years 20% $102,132
8 to 12 years 20% $107,592
13 to 20 years 6% $127,250
Over 20 years 4% $129,467


world map showing that the average base salary for MS graduates in North America is $64,400. In Europe it's $80,000. In Asia it is $63,478

Flexible MBA graduates by region

Carey Flexible MBA graduates are concentrated in the Mid-Atlantic. But study with online students across the country, expanding your professional network.

Our students are building for what's next in their career.

received a salary increase while in the program

reported receiving a promotion while in the program

Average base salary and bonus of 2020 graduates

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