MS in Health Care Management Employment Outcomes

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Employment outcomes for Master of Science in Health Care Management graduates

Graduates of this program have earned positions in a variety of industries including consulting, finance, management, operations, and logistics. These are just some of the areas in the health care industry where you can find and connect with Carey Business School alumni in the Baltimore region, around the U.S., and across the globe.

world map with average salaries of MS graduates by region; west $76,929; northeast $80,188; mid-atlantic $92,886; south $120,467; asia $36,378

Average Base Salary for Master of Science Graduates by Region

* Salaries in Asia tend to be lower than in the United States, due to a lower cost of living and a bonus structure customary to Asia, where a large bonus is offered yearly but is not guaranteed

accepted offers by industry 21% accounting services; 14% consulting; 12% healthcare; 8% media/entertainment; 25% other; 7% government; 7% real estate; 6% CPG
accepted offers by function circle graph 33% Finance; 13% beneral management; 12% buisiness/data analytics; 12% marketing/sales

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