Career Course for Full-Time MBA Students

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Career Course for Full-Time MBA Students

Professional Development for Career Success (BU.001.351) is an experience-based course designed to help first-year, full-time MBA students develop the skills needed to accomplish their personal and professional goals and build lifelong career management skills to navigate the changing world of work and the global marketplace. Students will engage in online learning and interactive seminars to put content into practice, and will collaborate and learn with colleagues, instructors and invited guests. Active participation is essential so that students develop skills in sequence and receive feedback. Students are expected to interact and engage with peers, coaches and employer relations team members, alumni, and industry professionals throughout this course.   

Full-time MBA students are automatically enrolled in this course during the Fall semester of their first year.

“This is your opportunity to pack your intellectual toolbox. When working, you’re ruled by the inbox and daily fires. You’re unpacking and using whatever intellectual capital you came in with. This is a period to learn, grow, and reload. Figure out your priority stack and exploration to exploitation ratio today. Then don’t bend from them. If you came with the intent of a career on the back-end, prioritize that search. Put what’s first, first.”

Tyson Patrick, MBA ‘21

Learning Objectives :

By the end of this course, students will be able to:   

  1. Connect talents, interests, skills, and values to inform career decision-making.   
  2. Increase self-efficacy in the career management process.   
  3. Effectively articulate professional story/pitch.
  4. Utilize CDO tools and resources to accomplish personal and professional goals.   
  5. Research, prepare and align individual brands with target jobs and industries.   
  6. Build and embody a positive and polished professional identity.  

“The MBA classroom teaches you many hard skills for success, but it's equally as important to understand your own personal growth and development. Build relationships, dig into yourself, and come out the other end as a stronger, more self-aware professional. Remember that you are on your own timeline. There is no cookie cutter plan. Prioritize what's important to you, and work with coaches, classmates, and faculty to get there.”

Kelsey Wetzel, MBA ‘21

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