Career Course for Part-Time Students

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Career Course for Part-Time Students

Career and Life Design for Experienced Professionals (BU.001.510) provides you with an opportunity to learn and develop the necessary skills to engage in lifelong career planning. From clarifying your values and interests, exploring opportunities, and learning about professional branding, to interviewing and job search strategies, this hands-on eight-week course is here to help part-time and dual degree students are any stage of their time at Carey.

Please note while this course is asynchronous, there are weekly deadlines to maintain through the term and students report that average time spent on course is about 4 hours/week. Refer to the sample syllabus in SIS for more details.

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Learning Objectives:  

By the end of this course, students will be able to: 

  1. Identify personal strengths, interests, values, and life preferences to craft an engaging and memorable career and life story.  
  2. Communicate their professional life story through career tools, branding, networking, and interviewing.  
  3. Apply career advancement tools and strategies to interview, network, and engage in professional growth. 


"This class should be a b-school requirement! It was a great way to meet other students and explore possible career paths. It provided me with a dedicated time and community in which I could visualize and craft a meaningful career."

Rhianna Taniguchi, Flexible MBA

"This course is definitely one that everyone should take to not only work on how to pursue the careers one wants, but to also better understand and market themselves for future success. I thoroughly enjoyed the modules on how to build my own professional brand and it even helped me to ace my interviews and land a new job in the process!"

Shirley Chan, MS in Marketing

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