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Using AI to put health solutions in your pocket

Why it matters: Femi Ayanbadejo, MBA ’16, is on a mission to democratize health care with a new app offering personalized solutions and access to providers.
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Femi Ayanbadejo, MBA ’16, knows the value of personalized health— both the benefits and the expense. A former NFL running back, Ayanbadejo was surrounded by a team of nutritionists, trainers, and physicians. Trading in cleats for clients, Ayanbadejo set out to democratize health. He used his Johns Hopkins Carey Business School MBA to launch a consumer health app, HealthReel.

According to Ayanbadejo, the app puts the power of nutritionists, trainers, physicians, and more in your pocket. Unlike other wearable tech and apps that have been on the market for years, he says HealthReel goes beyond tracking your health stats and offers personalized, actionable recommendations to meet your fitness goals.

“Everybody wants to train like an athlete. We have the data and the means to do it through smart devices. We are taking something that took hundreds of dollars and numerous doctors, and we can do it in five minutes with AI,” Ayanbadejo said.

Ayanbadejo partnered with Johns Hopkins faculty and students to bring the app to life. Even NASA took note. When a user creates a profile on the app, they upload a ten second video reel of themselves. Their data is analyzed using NASA’s algorithm and AI implemented by Ayanbadejo. The app gives the user a detailed metabolic report and recommendations within minutes.

The definition of telemedicine and telehealth is constantly changing in the modern digital world. Femi Ayanbadejo is using his Johns Hopkins MBA to create an app that leverages smart devices to create a health assessment for users.


While other apps are collecting your data, Ayanbadejo argues they aren’t going far enough to measure your health and give you the information to make healthier choices.

“We are taking all of that sleep data, nutrition data, and exercise data. And we are telling you, is it actually making you healthier? Are you getting a positive outcome? Think of the current apps as the input and what we do as the output.”

The app also connects care providers with patients to complete assessments virtually. With HIPPA compliant video-conferencing, calendaring, and billing platform all in one, patients can seamlessly connect with their providers virtually.

“Everyone has a health prescription. And we think HealthReel can help write it.”

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