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Does sustainable health care start with reusable products?

A Hopkins Business of Health Initiative Earth Day event highlighted the critical need for sustainability in the health care sector. The initiative is paving the way for a future where health care is environmentally sustainable and economically thriving.
May 10, 2024
business of health

A call to heal the healers amid crisis

Physicians and nurses succumb to suicide at twice the rate of other professions. The symposium “From Crisis to Transformation: Leading Culture and Operational Improvements for the Health Care Workforce of the Future” was not just a meeting of the minds –...
April 05, 2024
business of health

AI for health equity: navigating the future of health care

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the health care industry, and we must be vigilant to ensure that these technological advancements bring equitable outcomes. The Artificial Intelligence for Health Equity (AIHE) series at Johns Hopkins...
January 10, 2024