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7 Tips for building your network at Johns Hopkins

Why it matters:

Building a strong network while in business school improves your experience and sets a strong foundation for your career.

Article Highlights

  • Make the most of your business school experience by expanding your network
  • Utilize the Johns Hopkins ecosystem
  • Participate in student organizations

Your degree is so much more than your courses.

Indeed, knowledge and skills aren’t always enough to open doors. You need a strong network of industry professionals backing you. And your Johns Hopkins experience positions you to build an individualized network that you can continue to cultivate throughout your career. Connection at Carey can mean tapping into the Johns Hopkins health system, building a rapport with a Carey alumnus and executive at an international firm, and so much more. Whatever connection looks like for your career, you will find your unique path and network of mentors at Johns Hopkins.

While it’s your network, you’re never alone.  Our career development team is here to help you find the opportunities best suited to your career aspirations. Our coaches can help you shape you build your networking plan before you begin your first class. Graduate confident that you took advantage of every opportunity at Carey Business School and across Johns Hopkins.

How will you build your network at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School?

While you may not have time to take advantage of everything Carey has to offer, you will find a mix of opportunities that hone your existing skills and those that push you out of your comfort zone.

Career treks and networks

Take part in Carey’s employer treks and visit sought after employers. Gain an inside perspective on what it takes to excel at their organization and in the industry. Or join one of our seven career networks led by certified career coaches and employer relations professionals.

Build connections across Johns Hopkins

Through courses and co-curricular activities like Hexcite, team up with graduate students from various Johns Hopkins schools and Johns Hopkins clinicians.

Talking Point
While you may not have time to take advantage of everything Carey has to offer, you will find a mix of opportunities that hone your existing skills and those that push you out of your comfort zone.

Student organizations

Whether it’s a national conference, speaker series, networking with industry experts, or social events, student organizations create programming around the hottest topics in business. And with a variety of industry, professional, cultural, and innovation-driven groups, you’ll find your spot. But if not, there’s always room to start your own. Explore all of our student organizations

NEXT Approach for MBA students

Your NEXT advisory team will help you make the most of your MBA experience. Each MBA student is paired with a faculty member, industry expert, second-year student, and career coach dedicated to their professional growth.

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From case competitions to our Community Consulting Lab and CityLab and more, put your classroom learning to the test in a professional setting. Network with students and other organizations while you boost your resume and make an impact at the hosting organization. Explore all co-curricular opportunities.

Esteemed faculty

Develop professional relationships with faculty in the topics you’re interested in. Small class sizes and extra-curricular events give you the opportunity to learn from faculty in your industry, network, and hone your expertise. Explore our faculty directory.

Networking events

On-campus or online, take advantage of all our in-person and virtual networking roundtables, speaker series, and more. Explore all of our events.

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