Design for America JHU | MICA Studio

At the Design for America JHU | MICA Studio, we apply both our business acumen and human-centered design skills to consult on challenges within our local communities and for national organizations.

Each semester, we partner with organizations and entrepreneurs who desire to create user-centered, viable solutions for their most unruly challenges. This is an opportunity for teams of business and design strategists to co-create with clients in order to find innovative solutions for real-world problems. Past national clients have included CVS, Humana, and YMCA . Local Maryland / D.C. clients have included Le Mondo, Rooftop Roots, and the Linwood Center. All of our projects seek to improve social impact, innovation, and business sustainability.

In addition to 10–12-week partner projects, we host workshops and collaborative design thinking sessions with students and for the public.

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Our strengths

  • Collaborating to identifying root problems and actionable solutions
  • User research with cross-disciplinary analysis
  • Facilitation and including stakeholders in ideation
  • Students with diverse backgrounds deploying skills obtained through business, design, and marketing graduate -degrees


  • 2021 Co-President - Erica Duffy
  • 2021 Co-President - Christina Hwee
  • 2021 Co-President- Karen Radewald
  • 2021 Co-Vice President - Aleks Romano
  • 2021 Co-Vice President - Michelle Polyak