Design for America JHU | MICA Studio

At the Design for America JHU | MICA Studio, we apply both our business acumen and human-centered design skills to consult on challenges within our local communities and for national organizations.

Each semester, we partner with organizations and entrepreneurs who desire to create user-centered, viable solutions for their most unruly challenges. This is an opportunity for teams of business and design strategists to co-create with clients in order to find innovative solutions for real-world problems. Past national clients have included CVS, Humana, and YMCA . Local Maryland / D.C. clients have included Le Mondo, Rooftop Roots, and the Linwood Center. All of our projects seek to improve social impact, innovation, and business sustainability.

In addition to 10–12-week partner projects, we host workshops and collaborative design thinking sessions with students and for the public.

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Our strengths

  • Collaborating to identifying root problems and actionable solutions
  • User research with cross-disciplinary analysis
  • Facilitation and including stakeholders in ideation
  • Students with diverse backgrounds deploying skills obtained through business, design, and marketing graduate -degrees

Student-led Events

SEAM Conference

  • SEAM Conference: The SEAM Conference is a one-day annual, interactive conference produced by students of the Design Leadership program at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School & The Maryland Institute College of Art. We bring together guests and speakers to learn tangible skills from design masters and business experts, debate current questions swirling in our community, and engage with local and national leaders.
  • Design Team Consulting Projects