Student rights and responsibilities

Student rights and responsibilities

Do you know your rights and responsibilities? Make sure you are up-to-date on all financial, academic, and employment guidelines to ensure that you graduate on-time and in good standing.

Financial aid eligibility

Students must meet this criteria to remain eligible.

Satisfactory academic progress

Students who receive federal student financial aid must, in accordance with federal, state, and institutional requirements, be in good standing and maintain satisfactory academic progress. More information is available here.

Method and frequency of disbursements

There are three scheduled disbursement dates for financial aid which correspond to the three semesters in the academic year. Summer disbursements occur July 1. Fall and Spring disbursements occur on the first day of the semester.

Terms of loans offered

Students should be familiar with the terms of loans offered to them. More information on types of federal aid is available.

Sample repayment plans (pdf).

General terms and conditions of employment

Students who work as a teaching, research, or graduate assistants should familiarize themselves with the student guide to the employment process. Students cannot work at Carey until they have met with HR.

Exit counseling information

Students who borrowed Federal Perkins Loans, Federal Stafford Loans, and/or Federal Direct Student Loans must complete exit counseling when no longer enrolled at least half time. 

Exit counseling info.