Waiver exams

Part-time students seeking a course waiver must have a B+ or better in the completed undergraduate course and pass a waiver exam offered at the Carey Business School prior to enrolling in the course and within the first semester of study at Carey. A maximum of four credits may be waived with replacement. Students who seek to take a waiver exam must notify their academic advisor. The exam will be administered by the academic program (in collaboration with the advising and student development teams at Carey). The waiver exam may be taken only once in any course area. Waiver exams are completed online in Canvas under test proctoring conditions. All determinations regarding the grade for the exam (pass or fail) are final and not eligible for appeal. Students who pass the waiver examination must complete the equivalent number of credits in an advanced course.

Waiver examinations are available for the following required courses:

  • Accounting and Financial Reporting (210.001)
  • Statistical Analysis (510.001)

Students seeking further information about a waiver exam should contact their academic advisor.