MBA/Bachelor's in Engineering

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Program features

Earn two degrees faster 

By completing your MBA and your Bachelor’s in Engineering at the same time, students earn both degrees in five years instead of six. 

Stand out to employers 

Give yourself a leg up on your peers with an MBA from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. 

Interdisciplinary approach 

Breakthroughs and discoveries must be economically viable to have a lasting impact on the world. Through an interdisciplinary approach, students will learn how to bridge engineering and business.  

Experiential learning 

Our MBA curriculum leverages experiential learning activities to develop skills like leadership, a global mindset, resilience, and entrepreneurship. 


This program is offered through the Whiting School of Engineering and Carey Business School. Each graduate will receive two degrees, one from each school. With this program structure, students will be able to complete both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in less time than it would take to complete the degrees as separate programs. The MBA/Bachelor's in Engineering combined program is open to undergraduate students at the Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering in their third year of study. The program schedule is particularly advantageous for students in the Applied Mathematics and Statistics program, the Biomedical Engineering program, and the Computer Science program, but it is open to all students seeking a Bachelor's in Engineering.

Our full-time MBA program is now STEM-designated

The MBA program requires 54 credits encompassing all aspects of business knowledge and skills in an innovative, interdisciplinary curriculum.

Students pursuing this combined program begin with their bachelor’s degree courses at the Whiting School of Engineering during years one through three.

Engineering students must apply to the MBA in year three of their engineering degree studies. MBA courses will be taken during year four.

In year four, students will be fully immersed in Carey Business School’s full-time MBA program and will then complete a summer internship. During the fifth year, students will complete all the requirements for both their undergraduate and MBA degrees.

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At A Glance

Program Details

Full Time
5 years, 54 credits (MBA)
Two degrees

Tuition & Fees

Tuition Cost
$69,000 per year (MBA)
Financial Aid

There are numerous options for financing your education including scholarships, loans, and payment plans available to those who qualify. Learn more