Teaching and Learning workshops

Teaching & Learning@Carey facilitates workshops and collaborates with other teams within Carey Business School and across Johns Hopkins University to promote teaching excellence.

In addition to the workshops listed below, the team has participated in the Hopkins Universal Design for Learning webinar as well as the Digital Education and Learning Technology Acceleration showcase with the Johns Hopkins University Office of the Provost.

Pre-course development workshop

  • These workshops help faculty prepare for the online course development process. Topics include the role of the instructional designers, how to work with stakeholders, support and resources available, and general best practices for online teaching.
  • Facilitated by the Instructional Design & Development Team.

Teaching strategies workshop

  • These interactive, hands-on workshops are designed to enhance Carey faculty's understanding of pedagogy and offer practical strategies to enhance teaching in the classroom. The workshops focus on best practices for teaching, effective strategies for conducting synchronous online sessions and facilitating discussion forums, and technical and logistical guidelines. These workshops also include demonstrations of strategies for success in both onsite and online teaching and feature insights by experienced faculty.
  • Facilitated by instructional teaching specialists.

Online course development debrief

  • These workshops provide new online faculty an opportunity to share their experiences in developing an online course. They also provide faculty with information on what to expect and major responsibilities during course delivery, as well as highlighting key policies related to online learning and resources available to faculty.
  • Facilitated by the instructional design and development team.

Teaching with technology webinars

  • These interactive webinars introduce and demonstrate various instructional technology applications available to faculty. The webinars focus on technologies that enable live web conferencing, screen capturing, interactive polling, online assessment, and other enhanced opportunities for student communication and collaboration.
  • Facilitated by the multimedia team and instructional design and development team.

Course development workshop

  • These workshops are designed for course leads and other interested faculty. The focus of these workshops includes revising course-learning objectives, course assessments, and learning activities with the overall aim of ensuring that student learning at Carey is situated within a rigorous, coherent, and mission-driven curriculum.
  • Facilitated by the instructional design and development team and instructional teaching specialists.