Rick Milter

Richard Milter, PhD

Professor of Practice
Academic AreaManagement & Organization
Academic AreaLaw & Ethics
Academic AreaInnovation & Entrepreneurship
Areas of InterestCompetitive Strategy, International Consulting Leading Organizations: Strategy, Structure, and Roles Organization Development Process: Entry, Contracting, and Diagnosis

Richard Milter, PhD (Organizational Behavior, University at Albany, State University of New York) joined the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in 2006.

He is a Professor in the practice track with expertise in the areas of management education and collaborative learning.


  • Ph. D, Organizational Behavior, University at Albany, State University of New York
  • MEd, Leadership, Loyola University of Chicago
  • BA, English Literature, Ohio University


Selected publications

  • DeFillippi, R. and Milter, R.G. (2009) “Problem-based and Project-based Learning Approaches: Applying Knowledge to Authentic Situations,” The SAGE Handbook of Management Learning, Education and Development.  Armstrong, S. and Fukami, C. (Eds.). London: Sage Publications Ltd., pp. 344-363.
  • Matveev, A.V. and Milter, R.G.  The Value of Intercultural Competence for Performance of Multicultural Teams.  Team Performance Management Journal, Volume 10, Number 5/6, 2004, pp. 104-111.
  • Mumpower, J., Sheffield, J., Darling, T., and Milter R.G.  The Accuracy of Post-Negotiation Estimates of the Other Negotiator's Staff.  Group Decision and Negotiation, May 2004, vol. 13, no. 3, pp. 259-290.
  • Milter, R.G., Darling, T., and Mumpower, J.  The Effects of Substantive Task Characteristics on Negotiators’ Ability to Reach Efficient Agreements.  Acta Psychologica, Volume 93, Elseveir Science B.V., September 1996, pp. 207-228.
  • Milter, R.G., Perotti, V.S., Segers, M.R. (Eds.) Educational Innovation in Economics and Business IX: Breaking Boundaries for Global Learning.  Berlin: Springer: Science+Business Media, 2005.
  • Milter, R.G. (2002) “Developing an MBA Online Degree Program: Expanding Knowledge and Skills via Technology-Mediated Learning Communities,” In Communication and Collaboration in the Online Classroom: Examples and Applications, P. Comeaux (Ed.), Bolton, MA: Jossey-Bass, Anker Publishing, pp. 3-22.

Working papers

  • Waddill, D., Milter, R.G., and DeFillippi, R. Strategies for An Action-Based E-learning Experience.  
  • Milter, R.G., Schlomer, S., and Mateev, A.  Developing Global Business Leadership Competencies: A Case for the Multicultural Consulting Project.  Milter, R. and Zucker, A.  Developing a University Cross-Discipline Ethics Platform. 

Honors and distinctions

  • Associate Editor, Advances in Business Education and Training, Springer Verlag, Berlin, December 2008 - Present
  • Editorial board member for the book series Research in Management Education and Development, Information Age Publishing, Greenwich, CT, November 2005 - Present
  • Editorial Board Member, Innovation and Change in Professional Education, Springer Verlag, Berlin, January 2001 – Present
  • Recognized designer of an MBA program that was awarded “best practice” status as a benchmark for “Technology-Mediated Learning: Enhancing the Management Education Experience” by both AACSB and APQC.