CDHAI Staff Bios

Jennifer Ling Bagdasarian, Ph.D., is a postdoctoral research scientist at CDHAI. She received her Ph.D. in Management at Florida Atlantic University, where she studied the implications of healthcare professionals adopting an AI dermatology application on the institution of medicine. She received her BA from Duke University and an Executive MBA from Florida Atlantic University.

Cupid Chan is a seasoned professional who is well-established in the industry. His journey started out as one of the key players in building a world-class BI platform. Aside from holding various technical accreditations, his credential extends into other qualifications such as PMP, Lean Six Sigma, SAFe Agilist, DevOps Practitioner, and Architect. He has been a consultant for years, providing solutions to various Fortune 500 companies as well as the public sector. He was on the board of directors and Technical Steering Committee of Linux Foundation ODPi. His current role as chairperson of the BI & AI Committee in LF AI & Data enables him to lead initiatives intersecting AI and BI and make it CI (cognitive intelligence) - combing the speed machines accelerate (AI) with the direction intuited by human insight (BI).

Sabrina Christian has an undergraduate degree in sociology and a master’s in health administration. Sabrina is also certified in Lean Six Sigma. Prior to joining the Carey Business School, she worked as medical records coordinator for Wais, Vogelstein, Forman, Koch, and Normal LLC. In that setting, she managed the medical records for severe birth injury cases.

Masheka Leonard is responsible for coordinating center office administrative activities. With a wealth of experience in coordination roles, including positions at Johns Hopkins University and other organizations, she brings valuable expertise to her current role. As part of her responsibilities, Masheka oversees administrative tasks, manages communication channels, and handles the center's social media presence.

Upasna Sagar coordinates CDHAI’s administrative and program management activities, including the center’s communication and social media. Upasna has an undergraduate degree in dentistry and a master's degree in health administration. Before joining Carey Business School, she was working as a research manager at the Center for Health Information and Decision systems. In that research setting, she managed multiple research projects and key administrative functions.

Oladapo (Ola) Ajayi is a dual-degree graduate student majoring in Analytics and Risk Management at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. He completed his undergraduate study at the University of Lagos with a bachelor's degree in Economics as well as a master's degree in Finance from the American College of Greece. His current research interests include the disruption of digital business offerings by cloud technologies and the applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques in business situations, including health care.

Angela Yang Chi is an MPH candidate at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Angela's interests include novel technologies, patient care, preventive medicine, pandemic preparedness, telemedicine and AI in health.

Daniel Irowa-Omoregie is an MPH/MBA candidate at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Carey Business School. He trained as a physician at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. His current research interests include digital therapeutics and leveraging health and wearable technology to improve health outcomes.

Odia Kane (she/her) is a doctoral student studying health policy and management with a concentration in Bioethics and Health Policy at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She received a Bachelor of Arts in cognitive science and political science as well as a Master of Public Health from the University of Connecticut. Her research interests include the social and ethical implications of digital health regulation and the dynamics between digital health care innovation and race-related health disparities. One of her goals is to provide frameworks for the ethical development of patient-centered digital health technologies.

Max Littman is an MHA candidate at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He completed his undergraduate study at The Ohio State University with a BA in Political Science. His current research interests include electronic health record optimization and patient flow insights. In his free time, he is an accomplished team handball player who currently plays for the Johns Hopkins Team Handball Club. He contributes through his electronic health record experience, including time spent working at Epic Systems and at the University of Chicago Medicine on their Epic implementation.

Junjie Luo is a PhD candidate at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Junjie's research interests include health care, artificial intelligence, and behavioral economics, particularly the interaction between human decisions and new health care technologies. He has a B.A in Applied Economics and a MS in Data Science from School of Science and Engineering at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Matthew Potter is an MPH/MBA candidate at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Carey Business School. Matthew’s current research interests include leveraging digital health to improve health behaviors and clinician-AI teaming. He completed medical school at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Husnaa Shahid is an MS candidate at Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering. Husnaa's current research interests include the usage of data to deliver business insights. She completed her undergraduate study at BITS Pilani University with a degree in Computer Science Engineering.

Xinyue Zhang is an MS candidate at Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering. Xinyue is adept in Python, LaTeX and R. She obtained her bachelor's degree at Syracuse University with a double major in mathematics and economics.