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Carey mentoring programs

The NEXT Approach

The NEXT Approach is a student-centered professional development program. Students will leverage the collective wisdom of their advisory team to weave connections between curricular, co-curricular, and professional development experiences at Carey Business School. With feedback from their team, students will develop self-awareness about their strengths and opportunities for growth, build confidence in their leadership skills, and hone their ability to think like a business leader. Students are paired with a team comprised of an industry professional, career coach, and faculty member. Industry professionals are asked to bring their professional expertise in leadership and in their specific field, offer a real-world perspective on the student’s professional and personal narrative, provide important critical feedback, and bring their personal experience to the conversation about how students want to develop their skills in the career area.

“Underrepresented minorities have to have a place at the table, not only to be part of the changes that will advance our society but to lead them.”

John Hunter, Dean's Advisory Council member

Diverse Leadership Mentoring Program

The Diverse Leadership Mentoring Program was developed in 2018 to support underrepresented students in Carey Business School’s part-time programs. Mentors have diverse experiences and backgrounds and include alumni who have graduated from a number of programs, including our full- and part-time MBA, MS, and certificate programs, as well as some friends of the school.

OneHop Mentoring

OneHop Mentoring is Johns Hopkins University’s platform for students to connect with alumni for flash mentoring relationships. Students are able to search for alumni who share their same professional interests or, perhaps, live in a city to which a student may want to relocate.

Students and alumni can sign up for OneHop here.

For more information about Carey’s mentoring programs, please contact the alumni relations office.

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