Emergency Alert System and Weather Closure Information

Sign Up for the Emergency Alert System

Johns Hopkins University offers an Emergency Alert system to all students, faculty, staff, and affiliates. This system will alert you of any emergencies on the selected campuses. The alerts will be sent to your phone via text message.

To Sign-Up for Emergency Alerts:

Important Note: You must be logged in to your myJH (http://mycarey.jhu.edu/) to sign up.
Access to the Emergency Alert Information Screen through the "MyProfile" button:
1. Click on “myProfile” icon:
2. Click on the “Edit” button of the “Emergency Alerts” Section:

3. Enter the appropriate information, as indicated below:

In the Emergency Alert Information section:

To sign up:

  • Enter your Cell Phone number in the text box.
  • Select the Carrier of your cell phone.
  • Select the campus(es) you want to receive emergency information for.
  • Read and accept the Terms of Service.
  • Click Save when finished

Weather and Emergency Closure Information

To find out if the Carey Business School is closed because of weather or other unforeseen conditions, call the center where your class is held, visit the JHU Weather/Emergency Notices website, or call any of the JHU Weather Hotlines:
  • In Baltimore, call 410-516-7781.
  • Outside the local Baltimore calling area, dial 1-800-548-9004.
  • Montgomery County Campus, call 301-294-7024.
Announcements are made on the Baltimore and Washington radio and television stations listed below. The decision to cancel late afternoon or evening classes is not made until 1 p.m.; Saturday decisions are made at 6 a.m.

WTOP-AM 1500
WBAL-AM 1090
WJHU-FM 88.1

News Channel 8, DC

Because of differing Baltimore and Washington weather conditions, the Montgomery County, Washington, DC, and Columbia Centers may close while Harbor East in Baltimore remain open. Listen to radio and television announcements, because all divisions of the university may not close at the same time.

In order to maintain the academic integrity of our programs, it is important that any class session that is missed due to weather, instructor illness or other emergency is made up, and that any missed material is covered. However, faculty members have considerable latitude over how the class sessions will be made up and have several options from which to choose. They may:

  • Extend each class period so as to make up the total time missed.
  • Plan and schedule an Adobe Connect/ Blackboard online session. Adobe Connect Quick Start Guide
  • Re-schedule the class period to a designated make-up day. Designated make-up days are scheduled at the end of each 8-week term or semester.

Whenever a class session is cancelled, each faculty member may choose the most appropriate make-up alternative for that particular class. The faculty member must notify the students in the class and both the Program Office and the Registrar's Office about which option will be used to make up the class period.

This policy is designed to cover our evening programs and those situations when a single class day has been cancelled. Weather emergencies or other events that result in multiple- day cancellations will be handled on a case by case basis.

Religious observances are valid reasons for students to be excused from class. Whenever feasible, students should be allowed to make up academic assignments that are missed due to such absences. However, the student must notify the instructor in writing of the projected absence prior to the second class session of the course. Students who expect to miss several classes because of religious observances are encouraged to meet with their academic advisers to consider alternative courses prior to registration.

Please call the University Weather Emergency Line at 410-516-7781 or 1-800-548-9004 or visit http://esgwebproxy.johnshopkins.edu/notice/.