Zoom to Replace Adobe Connect

We are happy to announce that Johns Hopkins has selected Zoom meeting as the replacement for Adobe Connect.

Zoom is a tool with increased audio and video capabilities, and a more user friendly interface. We have found, for both meetings and virtual course sessions, that the use of Zoom has vastly improved the outcome of those meetings and sessions due to better interaction between the host and attendees. Zoom is not new to Carey and its use has grown steadily since our first Zoom pilot three years ago.  Being an early tester/adopter of Zoom has allowed Carey to become familiar with the product, well in advance of the retirement of Connect.

As a result, Adobe Connect will be discontinued later this year. While no changes are necessary for the Spring 19 semester, starting July 1, 2019, Adobe Connect meetings will no longer be available. Access to your Adobe Connect recordings will remain accessible until December 2, 2019. After this time, all recordings hosted on the JHU Adobe Connect servers will be deleted as the Connect environment is decommissioned.

Do not Delay!

If you need any of your Connect recordings, you must download and save them locally to your device. Follow the attached instructions to save your videos as MP4 files (locally playable video files), and please note that the process is a 1:1 transfer—meaning that for every 1 minute of Adobe Connect recorded video, the download save process will take 1 minute (every hour of video requires a full hour to process).