Pan Asian Career Association

Pan Asian Career Association (PACA) is devoted to helping with the long-term career development of Asian students at Carey Business School. 

PACA also constructs a vast network of social connections within Carey Business School, Carey alumni association, and American and Chinese enterprises enhancing the international brand perception of Carey Business School, especially in Asia.

PACA seeks to be the premier professional organization dedicated to promoting international communication between China and the United States in career development, enabling students, faculty, partners and the professional community to leverage the leadership and global business potential worldwide. We are committed to enhancing JHU Carey's brand influence in Asia and internationally.

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  • President of PACA: Jia Zeng
  • Vice president of PACA: Beijia Guo
  • Director of Marketing: Chun Jia
  • Director of Public Relations: Chloe Yu
  • Director of Small Events: Yufei Gu

Signature Events

China Trek

In collaboration with the Career Development Office, the China Trek is held for Chinese students to explore job opportunities, understand employment environment, and build social networks under the Chinese business environment. China Trek is held once a year at the beginning of each year. During the China Trek, students visit companies in different industries, learn company histories, job opportunities and cultures, and communicate with human resource employees face to face. Students prepared sufficiently enough might even be offered to interview with a company they meet!

The Intercultural program helps Asian students connect with students from different cultural backgrounds. One local American student will partner with one or more Asian students for the purpose of connecting students with different backgrounds at Carey and share interesting ideas around up-to-date topics.  Regular roundtable discussions are held to bring students together to share their perspectives on meaningful and enjoyable topics.

China-US Summit

The China-US Summit is led by Carey Business School supported by the Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) and PACA. In a one-day conference, international business leaders from numerous industries from both China and the United States are invited to join the summit to discuss the most latest topics such as the utilization of technology in marketing, fintech, etc.