Cost of attendance

Every year, the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School estimates your Cost of Attendance by projecting your educational costs based on federal regulatory guidelines. The COA is used by the Office of Financial Aid to determine your financial need and aid eligibility.

The COA consists of both direct costs, such as tuition and fees, as well as indirect costs, including: books, transportation, computer, loan fees, personal expenses, and room and board. The indirect portion of your COA is a modest estimate of the cost of living (room and board) for a student in alignment with federal guidelines. It is not meant as an accurate assessment of your actual expenses. Each student's COA will vary depending on program of study, dependency, and enrolled credit load.

Cost of attendance

Direct costs

Tuition and fees

Indirect costs (sample part-time 9-month 2019-2020 budget):

  • Room and board: $19,782
  • Books and supplies: $1,488. The allowance is $93 per credit (For 8 credits, it will be $1,488)
  • Travel/transportation: $1,376
  • Personal expenses: $3,174
  • Health insurance Please refer to the Student Services website for information about health insurance.
  • 2019-2020 loan fees: The unsubsidized loan fee is $190 and the Grad PLUS loan fee is $1,201.

Indirect costs (part-time summer 2019 budget):

  • Room and board: $4,396
  • Books and supplies: $372
  • Travel/transportation: $306
  • Personal expenses: $705

After the Department of Education processes your FAFSA, the information is sent to the Carey Business School’s Office of Student Financial Aid. When combined with other aid and resources, your financial aid package may not exceed your COA.

You may refer to your cost by program sheet for the 2019-2020 year:

Design Leadership (MA/MBA)
Full-time MS programs
Part-time graduate programs

To review your specific COA budget, or that for a previous academic year, please contact the Financial Aid staff via email at or by phone at 410-234-4733.