Flexible MBA: Concentration in health care management

Add a concentration in health care management

At Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, we believe health care management is a means of improving patient care, and our goal is to provide you with the tools, approaches, and practical experience you need to make a lasting impact on the health care field. The concentration in health care management prepares you to lead a health-centered organization, ranging from a hospital centered on inpatient care to a health IT startup, and meet the needs of your staff, community, and patients. Learn to innovate in the health industry, streamline complex hospital processes, bring discoveries to market, manage a diverse staff, and optimize the available resources to improve patient outcomes.

In your core MBA courses, gain a foundation in business knowledge and skills to manage a team. Then, in your health care management electives, apply what you have learned to the health industry. Upon graduation, you will have the skills and experience to lead in a constantly changing and challenging world. And importantly, Carey equips you with the ethical framework to keep the individual patient and patient care at the center of health care system decisions and growth.

The business of health is constantly growing and evolving. Joseph Tisinger was looking for an MBA in health care management. He got much more with a Johns Hopkins MBA.

Gain skills unique to the health industry

Gain the skills and knowledge to masterfully navigate the next generation of health innovations. Health business interactions bring a unique and complex set of questions around privacy, the use of AI, and confidentiality. When the possibility to do harm is so high—whether because of a data breach or improper regulation— you need the ethical and skill-based frameworks to minimize risk and maximize the quality of patient care.  A concentration in health care management prepares you to successfully work through and overcome these challenges.

Experiential learning

At Carey Business School, learning goes beyond textbooks. Put your knowledge to the test with ample experiential learning opportunities tailored to unique challenges presented by the health care sector. Collaborative partnerships with students, faculty, and staff across the Johns Hopkins university and hospital networks turn into life-long business networks and future business opportunities. 

Succeed after graduation

Is the concentration in health care management the right fit for you? Our students are highly motivated, driven by a strong sense of ethics and innovation. With a concentration in health care management, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists with experience providing care graduate with an in-depth understanding of the business side of health. Managers with experience working in health care gain a big picture understanding of how policy and regulation affect the business of health and acquire leadership skills to propel them into the next stage of their career. Those looking to switch from clinical to managerial roles graduate with the knowledge, experience, and career networks needed to make a successful transition. 

And policy wonks, government employees, lobbyists, and NGO employees learn to better understand the business of health and understand the complexities of all sides of health issues. They graduate ready to climb the ladder in health policy or consulting work.

Course highlights

Analysis of Health Care Operations

Master process analysis, queuing theory, and process improvement in the nuanced health care setting. Use statistical analysis tools and linear programming to consider performance metrics in the presence of variability or across multiple sites. And leverage new tools including discrete event simulation to gain insights into system performance.

Frameworks for Analyzing Health Markets

Learn the basic economic concepts and the language used to analyze market structure, conduct, and performance, as well as nonmonetary outcomes including health outcomes and distributional issues. Analyze the system changes and challenges faced by health care providers and patients, facility managers, insurers, and product manufacturers. Explore the drivers of costs, prices, access, innovation, and outcomes.

Health Care Law and Regulation

Gain an overview of the legal environment surrounding medicine and business. Using cutting-edge cases, explore medical malpractice, negligence, liability (physician, product, and corporate), criminal aspects of health care including fraud and abuse, patient consent and rights, and the current state of health care reform.

Ayesha Khalil

Carey Business School MBA alum named physician of the year

Ayesha Khalil, MBA ’19, was the recipient of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Clinical Award for “Physician of the Year.” Khalil is a firm believer in the power of business to aid in healthier outcomes.

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Career outcomes

Johns Hopkins is world-renowned for its expertise in health. Our Flexible MBA program is filled with students working across the health industry. Our graduates go on to make an impact and lead in the business of health.

$110,571 average base salary*

Job titles

  • Account manager
  • Health data analyst
  • Pharmacy operations manager


  • Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • AstraZeneca

* Flexible MBA graduates who go on to work in health care industry.