Lindsay Thompson

Lindsay Thompson, PhD

Associate Professor of Practice
Law & Ethics
Real Estate
Areas of Interest
Leadership ethics, Business leadership and human values, Globalization and human flourishing, Corporate governance and social responsibility

Lindsay Thompson (PhD, Classics, The Johns Hopkins University) joined the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in 2002.  She is an Associate Professor in the practice track with expertise in the role of character and human values in business, society, and corporate culture.

Honors and distinctions

  • Secretariat of the International Society of Business, Economics, and Ethics, sponsor of the quadrennial World Congress of Business, Economics, and Ethics.
  • Contributing author to the Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society (2008), Robert Kolb, ed., Sage Publications, recipient of the 2008 CHOICE award for Outstanding Academic Title and the BRASS Business Reference Sources Committee award for Outstanding Title.

Selected publications 

  • Thompson, Lindsay J., “Asian Perspectives on Gender Equity,” in Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia, (Laura Finzi and Gerd Mutz, eds.), LIT Press. Forthcoming in 2010.
  • Thompson, Lindsay J., Vestal Virginity:  A Political Interpretation.  Edwin Mellen Press.  Forthcoming in 2010.
  • Thompson, Lindsay J., The Moral Compass: Leadership for a Free World. Information Age Publishing.  2009.
  • Thompson, Lindsay J., “The Future of Enterprise Regulation: Corporate Social Accountability and Human Freedom,” Journal of Business Law and Technology, University of Maryland Law School, April 2008.
  • Thompson, Lindsay J., “Gender Equity and Corporate Social Responsibility in a Post-Feminist Era,” Business Ethics: A European Review, January 2008.

Works in progress

  • Thompson, Lindsay J., “Moral Compass: More than a Metaphor,” in review.
  • Thompson, Lindsay J., Guest Editor and Contributor, special volume of the Journal for Academic Ethics.
  • Thompson, Lindsay J., “Invisible Investors: A Stakeholder Analysis of HOPE VI Market-Rate Homeowners.”
  • Thompson, Lindsay J., “Civic Conscience and the Moral Purpose of Wealth.”
  • Thompson, Lindsay J., “Value Integrity: A Values Model of Business Strategy.”