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Kevin Lanagan, MBA

Senior Professional Instructor
Management & Organization
Areas of Interest
Business Communications, Corporate Governance, Financial Ratio Analysis

Since 1988, Kevin Lanagan has served as the Relocation Project Officer at the Social Security Administration, where his focus has been applying business principles to operations in the public sector. Previously he was an investment banker at Shearson Lehman Brothers, and an economist in the Department of Agriculture, serving in Chad, Malaysia and the Philippines. He has received two Commissioner Citations and a Hammer Award from the National Partnership for Reinventing Government. He was featured favorably in an “ABC Nightly News with Peter Jennings” segment for innovations in federal incentive programs.

Kevin has taught a wide range of business courses for over 20 years at Johns Hopkins University, where he currently serves as Senior Professional Instructor at the Carey Business School. He has also taught business seminars to artists and craftspeople in Iowa, Ohio, and the Mid-Atlantic. He holds Master’s degrees in Business Administration from Harvard University and in International Studies and Economics from Columbia University, as well as an Honor’s Classical Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Classics from St. Louis University.

Selected publications

  • “Utilizing Incentives and Gain Sharing to Minimize Federal Travel Expenditures” Government Accountants Journal
  • “Managing Accuracy” Mobility, with Schwartz, A.
  • Lanagan, K. and Tucker, A., “Corporate and Government Procurement Policies and Practices” San Antonio, Texas (2008)