Arnab Bisi

Arnab Bisi, PhD

Associate Professor of Practice
Academic AreaOperations Management & Business Analytics
Academic AreaFinance
Areas of InterestOperations Management, Data Analytics, Supply Chain Management, Continuous Time Finance, Business Analytics, Optimization Models

Arnab Bisi, PhD (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) is an Associate Professor of Practice at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Previously he worked as an Assistant Professor at the Krannert School of Management of Purdue University. Dr. Bisi’s research interests include supply chain management, inventory management, stochastic modeling and optimization, dynamic pricing, and operational risk management.


  • Ph. D, Mathematics and Statistics, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • MS, Statistics, Indian Statistical Institute
  • BS, Statistics, University of Calcutta


Selected publications

  • Coordination Mechanism, Risk Sharing, and Risk Aversion in a Five-level Textile Supply Chain under Demand and Supply Uncertainty, European Journal of Operational Research, 282(1) (2019), 93-107 (with Arnab Adhikari and Balram Avittathur).
  • A Finite-Horizon Inventory System with Partial Backorders and Inventory Holdback, Operations Research Letters, 45(4) (2017), 315-322 (with Yanyi Xu and Maqbool Dada).
  • Case - ABCtronics: Manufacturing, Quality Control and Client Interfaces, INFORMS Transactions on Education, 17 (2016), 20-33 (with Arnab Adhikari and Indranil Biswas).
  • A Non-Parametric Adaptive Algorithm for the Censored Newsvendor Problem, IIE Transactions, 47 (2015), 15-34 (with Karanjit Kalsi and Golnaz Abdollahian). This paper received the 2016 IIE Transactions Best Paper Award in Operations Engineering and Analytics.
  • A Periodic Review Base Stock Inventory System with Sales Rejection, Operations Research, 59 (2011), 742-753 (with Yanyi Xu and Maqbool Dada).    
  • A Censored-Data Multiperiod Inventory Problem with Newsvendor Demand Distributions, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 13 (2011), 525-533 (with Maqbool Dada and Surya Tokdar). 
  • A Centralized Ordering and Allocation System with Backorders and Strategic Lost Sales, IIE Transactions, 42 (2010), 812-824 (with Yanyi Xu and Maqbool Dada).
  • Dynamic Learning, Pricing, and Ordering by a Censored Newsvendor, Naval Research Logistics, 54 (2007), 448-461 (with Maqbool Dada).

Working papers

  • Collaboration, Bargaining, and Fairness Concern for a Green Apparel Supply Chain: An Emerging Economy Perspective (with Arnab Adhikari).
  • Using Lost Sales to Manage Backorder-time Guarantees in a Base-stock Inventory System (with Yanyi Xu and Maqbool Dada).
  • Product Portfolio Management under Cap-and-Trade with Stochastic Demand: A Game Theoretic Analysis, under preparation (with Mithu Kuity and Preetam Basu).



  • Continuous Time Finance
  • Data Analytics
  • Operations Management


  • Global Supply Chain Management, 
  • Optimization Models 

Honors and distinctions

  • CIBER Summer Faculty Research Award (2011, 2010),
  • Faculty Research Award from the Dauch Center for the Management of Manufacturing Enterprises and the Global Supply Chain Management Initiative of Purdue University (2008),
  • COE-MITACS Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of British Columbia (1999-2001),
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Texas at Dallas (1998),
  • Postgraduate Teaching Assistantship at Hong Kong U. of Science & Technology (1994-1997),
  • National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) Research Fellowship in India (1993-1994),
  • Indian Institute of Science and CSIR-UGC Research Fellowships in India (1992-1993)