Ali Fattahi

Ali Fattahi, PhD

Assistant Professor
Academic AreaOperations Management & Business Analytics
Academic AreaHealth
Areas of InterestMass Customization, Energy Management, Large-Scale Optimization, Stochastic Dynamic Programming, Multi-Objective Optimization

Ali Fattahi joined the Carey Business School is Summer 2019 as an Assistant Professor in the research track. He received his PhD in Decisions, Operations & Technology Management at Anderson School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles. His research interests are in the areas of parts and product portfolio management in mass customization, electricity peak load demand management, large-scale optimization, stochastic dynamic programming, and multi-objective optimization.


  • Ph. D, Decision, Operations and Technology Management, Anderson School of Business, University of California - Los Angeles
  • MS, Industrial Engineering, Koc University
  • BS, Industrial Engineering, Sharif University


Selected publications

  • Rasmi, SAB, Fattahi, A, Turkay, M (2019) "SASS: Slicing with Adaptive Steps Search Method for Finding All Non-Dominated Solutions of Tri-Objective Mixed-Integer Linear Programming Problems." Annals of Operations Research. 1-36.
  • Fattahi, A, Dasu, S, Ahmadi, R. (2019) "Mass Customization and ``Forecasting Options' Penetration Rates Problem.'' Operations Research. 67(4): 1120–1134.
  • Fattahi, A, Dasu, S, Ahmadi, R (2019) "The Weighted Non-Negative Least-Squares Problem with Implicitly Characterized Points." Operations Research. 67(4): 1106–1119.
  • Fattahi, A, Turkay, M (2018) "A One Direction Search Method to Find the Exact Nondominated Frontier of Biobjective Mixed-Binary Linear Programming Problems." European Journal of Operational Research 266(2): 415-425.
  • Fattahi, A, Turkay, M (2015) "On the MILP model for the U-shaped assembly line balancing problems." European Journal of Operational Research. 242(1): 343-346.
  • Fattahi, A, Turkay, M (2015) "e-OA for the solution of bi-objective generalized disjunctive programming problems in the synthesis of nonlinear process networks." Computers & Chemical Engineering. 72: 199-209.
  • Fattahi, A, Elaoud, S, Sadeqi Azer, E, Turkay, M (2014) "A novel integer programming formulation with logic cuts for the U-shaped assembly line balancing problem." International Journal of Production Research. 52(5): 1318-1333.

Working papers

  • Fattahi, A, Dasu, S, Ahmadi, R “Mass Customization and the Parts' Capacity Planning Problem.”
  • Fattahi, A, Dasu, S, Ahmadi, R “Peak Load Energy Management by Direct Load Control Contracts.”
  • Fattahi, A, Iravani, F, Dasu, S, Ahmadi, R “Implementing Direct Load Control Contracts: Theory and Practice.”



  • Advanced Business Analytics

Honors and distinctions

  • POMS College of Sustainable Operations 2018 Best Student Paper Competition (2nd place).
  • POMS College of Supply Chain Management 2018 Best Student Paper Competition (Finalist).
  • Dissertation Year Fellowship. UCLA Graduate Education, 2018-19.
  • Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 2016-17.
  • Ziman Center's Howard and Irene Levine Program. 2016-17.
  • Morrison Center for Marketing and Data Analytics, 2017-18.
  • Geoffrion Art's fund for applied research, 2015-17.