Ali Fattahi

Ali Fattahi, PhD

Assistant Professor
Academic AreaOperations Management & Business Analytics
Academic AreaHealth
Areas of InterestEnergy Management and Sustainability, Mass Customization, Large-Scale Optimization, Multi-Objective Optimization

Ali Fattahi joined the Carey Business School in Summer 2019 as an Assistant Professor in the research track. He received his PhD in Decisions, Operations & Technology Management at Anderson School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles. His research interests are in the areas of energy management and sustainability, mass customization, large-scale optimization, multi-objective optimization


  • Ph. D, Decision, Operations and Technology Management, Anderson School of Business, University of California - Los Angeles
  • MS, Industrial Engineering, Koc University
  • BS, Industrial Engineering, Sharif University


Selected publications

  • Fattahi, A, Ghodsi, S, Dasu, S, Ahmadi, R (2023) "Flattening Energy-Consumption Curves by Monthly Constrained Direct Load Control Contracts." Operations Research. Accepted.
  • Fattahi, A, Dasu, S, Ahmadi, R (2023) "Peak Load Energy Management by Direct Load Control Contracts." Management Science. 69(5): 2788-2813.
  • Fattahi, A, Dasu, S, Ahmadi, R (2022) "Mass Customization and the Parts-Procurement Planning Problem." Management Science. 68(8): 5778-5797.
  • Fattahi, A, Dasu, S, Ahmadi, R (2019) "Mass Customization and Forecasting Options' Penetration Rates Problem." Operations Research. 67(4): 1120–1134.
  • Fattahi, A, Dasu, S, Ahmadi, R (2019) "The Weighted Non-Negative Least-Squares Problem with Implicitly Characterized Points." Operations Research. 67(4): 1106–1119.
  • Fattahi, A, Turkay, M (2018) "A One Direction Search Method to Find the Exact Nondominated Frontier of Biobjective Mixed-Binary Linear Programming Problems." European Journal of Operational Research 266(2): 415-425.
  • Fattahi, A, Turkay, M (2015) "On the MILP model for the U-shaped assembly line balancing problems." European Journal of Operational Research. 242(1): 343-346.

Working papers

  • Fattahi, A. "Electric Vehicles’ Managed Home-Charging Programs."
  • Fattahi, A, Dada, M, Dai, T. "Subscriptions for Prescriptions: Implications and Execution of the “Netflix Model”."
  • Fattahi, A, Li, Y, Sahin, O. "Customer-driven Bundle Promotion Optimization at Scale."



  • Advanced Business Analytics
  • Innovation Field Project

Honors and distinctions

  • POMS College of Sustainable Operations 2018 Best Student Paper Competition (2nd place).
  • POMS College of Supply Chain Management 2018 Best Student Paper Competition (Finalist).
  • Dissertation Year Fellowship. UCLA Graduate Education, 2018-19.
  • Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 2016-17.
  • Ziman Center's Howard and Irene Levine Program. 2016-17.
  • Morrison Center for Marketing and Data Analytics, 2017-18.
  • Geoffrion Art's fund for applied research, 2015-17.