Alessandro Rebucci, PhD

Associate Professor
Real Estate
Areas of Interest
International Finance, Macroeconomics, Financial Institution, International Real Estate

Alessandro Rebucci, PhD (Economics, University of London) is an Associate Professor in the research track, holding a joint appointment with the Economics Department of the JHU Krieger School of Art and Science. Prof. Rebucci is a NBER Faculty Research Fellow (IFM Program), a CEPR Research Fellow (International Macroeconomics and Finance Programme), and a non-resident faculty at the International Business School of the Beijing School of Foreign Studies. Prof. Rebucci is also Associate Editor for the Journal of International Money and Finance and Economia (the Journal of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association--LACEA). Before joining Carey, Prof. Rebucci held research and policy positions at the International Monetary Fund (1998-2008) and the Inter-American Development Bank (2008-2013).

Selected publications

  • “Uncertainty and Economic Activity: A Multi-country Perspective” (with A. Cesa-Bianchi and H. M. Pesaran), Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming.
  • “International Credit Supply Shocks”, Journal of International Economics, (with A. Cesa-Bianchi and A. Ferrero), Vol. 112(C), pages 219-237, 2018.
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