Christina DePasquale

Christina DePasquale

Visiting Assistant Professor
Academic AreaEconomics

Christina DePasquale is a Visiting Assistant Professor, currently on leave from the Department of Economics at Emory University. Her primary research interests are in health economics, industrial organization, and labor economics---particularly at the intersection of firm decisions and labor market consequences. Professor DePasquale also teaches and conducts research in the area of sports economics. She is currently coauthoring the second edition of the textbook Sports Economics.


  • Ph. D, Business Economics, University of Michigan
  • BS, Economics, University of Florida


Selected publications
  • Hospital Consolidation and Monopsony Power in the Labor Market for Nurses, Competition Policy International Antitrust Chronicle, (2020) forthcoming.
  • Monopsony and Two-part Tariffs  (with Roger D. Blair) Managerial and Decision Economics, (2020) forthcoming.
  • The Robinson-Patman Act and the Consumer Effects of Price Discrimination, Antitrust Bulletin, 60 (2015), 402-413.
  • Bilateral Monopoly and Antitrust Policy,' (with Roger D. Blair), in Oxford Handbook on International Antitrust Economics, R. Blair and D. Sokol, eds., Oxford University Press, Volume 1 (2015), 364-379.
  • `Antitrust's Least Glorious Hour:' The Robinson--Patman Act, (with Roger D. Blair), The Journal of Law & Economics, 57 (2014), S201-S216.
  • Considerations of Countervailing Power, (with Roger D. Blair) Review of Industrial Organization, 39(1-2) (2011), 137-143. 
  • A Note on Two-Part Pricing Under Uncertainty, (with Roger D. Blair), Managerial and Decision Economics, 31(8) (2010), 545-547.
  • Collusive Monopsony and Antitrust Damages, Antitrust Bulletin, 54(4) (2009), 907-921.
Working papers
  • Labor Supply Effects of Occupational Regulation: Evidence from the Nurse Licensure Compact (with Kevin Stange),  Revisions Requested at Journal of Law & Economics.
  • Hospital Consolidation and the Nurse Labor Market, 2020, Working Paper.
  • Monopsonistic Exploitation: Theory and Evidence, 2020, Working Paper.


  • The Firm and the Macroeconomy
  • Economics and Decision Making

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