Interviewing Policies and Procedures


Two students in dicussion

When you decide to conduct on-campus interviews, contact your Employer Relationship Manager (ERM) to secure a date. They will ask for a job description, confirm deadline for resume turnaround and determine if you will have any open slots on your schedule.  Resumes will be forwarded to you for review. You may extend invitations to students who have expressed interest or you have identified through other interactions with students, resume books, student clubs or other personal contact. Once you send us your invitation list, the ERM will notify the students of their status and schedule them for a specific time. If you have set aside any open slots on the schedule your ERM will fill those slots with interested students not on the invitation list on a first-come first-serve basis. Contact your ERM if you identify additional students for your invitation list.

Interview Formats

We can customize the interview schedule to your specific needs but most companies choose a 30, 45, or 60-minute format. Every interview schedule will have a break in the morning and in the afternoon and include a complimentary lunch. The day will conclude with a debrief with a representative from the Carey Career Development Office. This is time reserved for our Employer Relationship Managers to get feedback about the candidates and your experience during your visit.

If you would like the students to have two interviews by separate recruiters, we can arrange a rotating or back-to-back schedule. This will allow students to interview in one room then move to another interview room to meet with another recruiter with the same company. Let your ERM know your needs and we will do our best to accommodate them

Missed Interviews

Students and employers are expected to prepare for and keep all interview appointments. A student who misses an interview is asked to write a letter of apology to the recruiter. A second no-show may result in the student’s loss of on-campus recruiting privileges.

Employers are asked to re-confirm their interview date one week prior to their scheduled day. Last-minute changes and cancelations are disruptive to our students and potentially damaging to an employer’s reputation on campus. Please notify your ERM immediately if a change is required.

Second-Round Interviews

Second round interviews can be held on campus or at the company’s offices. We recommend companies provide notice of at least three business days for students to travel for second round interviews being held off campus so they have ample time to rearrange prior commitments. In addition, companies may host a pre-interview reception or dinner before conducting interviews. We can help encourage participation and avoid conflicts if we know your plans ahead of time.

Work Authorization Requirements

When companies recruit on campus or post a position, the Career Development office needs information on work eligibility requirements in order to ensure that students understand any limitations on positions. The Carey Business School has a significant number of international students and if appropriate work authorization requirements are not specified, the open slots on an interview schedule are automatically available to all students, domestic and international.