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Wall Street Journal reports on reimagining of Carey MBA program

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“Johns Hopkins University Reimagines the M.B.A.” reads the headline in a Jan. 22, 2020, Wall Street Journal article focusing on the Carey Business School’s revised master of business administration program.

Based on interviews with Dean Alexander Triantis, Dean Emeritus Bernard Ferrari, Associated Professor Brian Gunia, and MBA student Joseph Seymour, the piece describes the extensive program changes that will take effect in fall 2020.

The Carey full-time MBA “will take a hard turn toward health, with a particularly heavy focus on quant skills, from exposure to coding to data analysis,” the article notes.

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A link to the full article is accessible here.

Applications to American MBA programs have been declining in the past several years, and employers are looking increasingly for MBA graduates with skills in data science and data analytics, according to the Journal.

“More broadly,” the article states, “employers want to see an emphasis on science, technology and math skills in combination with softer skills like leadership that have been so in vogue in recent years,” the article states.