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March 18, 2022


Students lead third annual Africa Business Conference

Why it matters:

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School’s Africa Business Club discussed Africa’s prominence in global affairs at its annual conference on March 5.

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Opportunities are endless for the African continent, which is home to 16 out of the 26 fastest growing economies being in world. Carey Business School’s Africa Business Club discussed the continent’s newfound opportunities in global affairs at their annual conference on March 5.

The conference theme, “Africa’s Prominence in Global Affairs: Leveraging Economic Power and Strategic Partnerships,” brought together policymakers on the African continent and the United States to consider three topics: building and capitalizing on strategic partnerships, accelerating business by investing in youth innovation and leadership, and advancing women’s leadership opportunities.

Carey Business School’s Africa Business Club is a student-led organization that creates and fosters partnerships between organizations and governments in Africa and the Johns Hopkins community to collaborate and support the development of the African continent.

“Africa is home to one of the world’s largest and youngest workforces which offers the opportunity for new business and economic growth. I’m confident that Carey will help play a vital role in developing business leaders to address the challenges and opportunities facing Africa,” said Alex Triantis, dean of the Carey Business School.

The conference agenda included the dean’s welcome address, three panels, keynote and distinguished speakers, and networking opportunities.

“Leveraging Economic Power” panel speaker, Deniece Laurent-Mantey, director for Africa the National Security Council, discussed what the future of the United States partnership with Africa might look like moving forward.

“We are in the process of rolling out a U.S.-Africa policy, in hopes to take our partnership with Africa to the next level. Africa is a continent that has global objectives at its core. So, partnering to achieve those objectives, whether it’s through peace and security or helping the continent bounce back from the pandemic, will be strategic and beneficial for both parties. We want to ensure our partnership goes beyond what we can do in Africa, rather what we can do with Africa,” she said.

In her current role, Laurent-Mantey coordinates the U.S. administration’s policymaking process for Southern Africa, including trade and investment policies, and presidential initiatives in Africa. 

Each year, the Africa Business Conference brings together like-minded individuals with the goal of transforming conversation into action. Over fifteen speakers joined this year’s conference from across the globe whose analysis, perspectives, and insights helped cultivate conversation on the future potential of Africa.

The Africa Business Club exists to increase awareness within the Johns Hopkins community of the business ecosystem and areas of improvement and opportunity on the African continent. The club is driven by Johns Hopkins graduate students and faculty advisors who are passionate about the economic, cultural, and social development of Africa. 

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