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Katherine Pinkard doesn’t shy away from a challenge.

She founded her real estate company while pursuing her MBA at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. While admittedly a challenge, Pinkard was able to directly apply what she was learning in class to her business. Today, her business is thriving and managing over 3.5 million square feet of property.

Pinkard believes more women need to have a voice in the real estate industry. Throughout her career, she’s pioneered pathways for fellow women in real estate to pursue opportunities previously held beyond their reach.

 “I’m passionate about creating leadership opportunities to help other women climb the ladder,” Pinkard says. “I want to be proactive. For example, if I see a speaker panel with no women speakers on it, I will call the organizers and ask them ‘can I help you find other talented women to participate in this event?’”

Pinkard sees increased inclusivity as having many positive ramifications.

“If you want to build for what’s next for everyone you need to bring people of different backgrounds and experiences to the table. It will only make the real estate industry stronger.”

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