Dr. Garry Choy, MBA ‘13

Chief Medical Officer
Q Bio
Industry: Healthcare

Garry is currently Chief Medical Officer at Q Bio, a healthcare information technology and biotechnology company focused on building a data analytics and precision medicine platform.

Prior to Q Bio, Garry most recently served as Assistant Chief Medical Information Officer for Innovation & Advanced Technologies at Massachusetts General Hospital. His clinical work includes practicing as a Diagnostic Radiologist in Emergency and Cardiothoracic Imaging Divisions at Massachusetts General Hospital, Palo Alto Veteran Affairs Healthcare System, and VA National Teleradiology Program. In addition, Garry is a healthcare informatics consultant, including work previously at Google (Medical Brain, Artificial Intelligence Research Group), Samsung, and Blackberry.

His interests include machine learning, second opinion services, telemedicine, global health, and digital health media. Garry also co-founded CredSimple, a healthcare technology company focused on improving provider data management and credentialing, with a classmate from the Executive MBA cohort at Carey Business School after graduating in 2013.