Student Advocacy Council

Student Advocacy Council

The Student Advocacy Council represents all students in the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and is the main bridge between the Carey administration and student community.

The council advocates on behalf of students and to foster community among students.

Key activities


SAC has scheduled meetings with the dean and other senior school administrators to voice student concerns and provide student input for decision-making. In order to better represent students, SAC maintains several channels for student feedback, including regularly scheduled school-wide town halls.

Community building

SAC organizes community-building activities like the annual gala and hosts the weekly Network Across Carey, in collaboration with student organizations and staff departments. SAC members are also active participants in and supporters of key school activities, such as Orientation and Beet Week.


SAC is composed of an executive team, senate, and various committees to carry out select SAC efforts.

The executive team leads the execution of core SAC activities and responsibilities, including community-building events and advocacy efforts. Executive team membership requires active commitment and flexibility.

The senate consists of representatives from each academic program at Carey. They work with the executive team to collect student input, craft recommendations to improve the student experience, and voice those recommendations to the school administration.


  • Develops strategy to implement SAC initiatives
  • Forms temporary SAC positions and committees to support initiatives or to better understand the needs of students and Carey community
  • Leads quarterly report to senate and is accountable for the work of SAC

Time commitment: 20+ hours / month

  • Leads and advocates for individual academic programs and the greater Carey community
  • Brings policy, cultural, and academic change-related ideas as representatives of an individual program
  • Shares responsibility with the executive team and relevant staff in crafting recommendations to improve the student experience
  • Participate in SAC meetings

Time commitment: 5+ hours/month

To contact the SAC, email