Financial aid next steps

Next steps in the financial aid process

Upon receipt, the Office of Financial Aid staff will review your file within 5-10 business days.

We will start reviewing files and sending offer notices for the 2021-2022 Academic Year (Summer 2021-Spring 2022) in mid-April 2021.

Were you selected for verification?

A third to a half of financial aid applicants are selected for verification. If you are selected, the Carey Business School is required to verify your file. You will be asked to submit your IRS tax transcript and W-2 forms and complete a Verification Worksheet, available on our website, under the Forms link. Other documents may also be needed.  We will contact you if you are selected for verification.

To request a copy of your IRS transcript, you can request one online at, or by calling the IRS at 1-800-908-9924. 

Verification is a process used to check the accuracy of certain information entered on the FAFSA and to resolve any errors. Some students are selected by the Department of Education and some are selected by the Carey Business School. Selected students will need to provide additional documentation to the Office of Financial Aid before we can finalize and disburse federal aid.

Once all documents have been received, our office will review the data and compare it to the information on your FAFSA. Our office will make corrections (if necessary) and transmit them to the federal processor. You will receive an updated Student Aid Report (SAR) if corrections are required. If the corrections impact your federal aid award, we will notify you by email or letter.

Verification may take several weeks to complete, so we ask that all students supply the requested materials as soon as possible.

You may be asked to submit additional verification documentation later in the year. If you do not submit the additional documents required, your federal aid will be cancelled, including money you have already received. Your financial aid will not be disbursed until the verification process is complete. Students can track the completion of verification documents on the "To Do List" tab on the Financial Aid site in SIS at

We may need additional documents

The U.S. Department of Education performs comparisons on every financial aid application with several federal databases, including the Social Security Administration, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and Selective Service. Other checks and balances are performed by the Department of Education which may result in additional documents being required to review your file. This is common and we will contact you if this occurs.

Please respond within two or three days to each request so the processing of your financial aid application is not delayed.

New students – If you intend to borrow a Direct Loan, please complete entrance counseling and a promissory note.

You can check the status of your financial aid online at the following links:

We will review your eligibility and send you an Offer Notice after we have received all of your required documents. 

Disbursement schedule for all funds

  • Summer: July 1
  • Fall: first day of classes (8/30/2021) for Fall 2021
  • Spring: first day of classes (1/24/2022) for Spring 2022

The Student Accounts Office (SAO) processes refunds within 14 business days of the disbursement date. Refunds are credited to the student via the refund preference selected with Bank Mobile.

Next steps for aid disbursement

  • Enroll in all planned classes at the same time even if they are in different sessions
  • Accept awards online through SIS
  • Complete all disbursement requirements listed in the To Do List in SIS
  • Select refund preference for BankMobile once you receive your enrollment packet with your personal code in the mail – the SAO can provide more information 
  • Check your JHU email account regularly for information regarding any changes to your award, outstanding aid application/disbursement requirements and your financial aid status for the next semester.

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