Paying your bill with financial aid

Apply by the priority filing deadlines and respond in a timely manner to document requests to ensure that your financial aid will be ready by the start of the semester and will be disbursed or paid to your student account when you begin classes.

Enroll in both eight-week terms

The academic year consists of the summer, fall, and spring semesters. The Fall 1 and Fall 2 terms together comprise the “Fall Semester”. Likewise, the Spring 1 and Spring 2 terms together comprise the “spring semester.” Students receiving financial aid and enrolling in eight-week terms must enroll in both terms (E.g. Fall 1 and Fall 2) before the semester (E.g. Fall) begins.

Intersession classes are credited to the spring semester, and may be counted towards half-time enrollment status if they are not audited or pass/fail courses.

Please be aware that financial aid will only pay for classes that are required for your degree or certificate.  Courses taken for personal reasons or so a student can remain enrolled at least half-time are not eligible for federal financial aid. Audited courses do not count toward the credits required for financial aid availability.

Are you enrolled at least half time?

Student loans, and many types of financial aid, require that a student be enrolled at least half-time. At Carey, half-time enrollment is at least 4.5 credits in the fall and spring each, and at least 3 credits in the summer.

Since Carey’s classes are two (2) credits each, students usually enroll in two summer classes, and three classes in the fall and spring respectively to meet the requirement. Financial aid will only pay for classes which are required for your program of study.

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