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Trust: A vital factor in health care-seeking behavior

Who is most trusted in the U.S. health care system? Researchers Michael Darden and Mario Macis measure the value of trust among health providers to determine how it influences a patient’s decision to seek care.
July 09, 2024

Does sustainable health care start with reusable products?

A Hopkins Business of Health Initiative Earth Day event highlighted the critical need for sustainability in the health care sector. The initiative is paving the way for a future where health care is environmentally sustainable and economically thriving.
May 10, 2024

The Unheard Voice of the Upwardly Mobile

Organizations committed to inclusivity and hearing varied opinions should be aware that upwardly mobile individuals in socially diverse professional environments, are often faced with hurdles to jump, for their views to be heard and heeded
May 06, 2024

‘Moral Beacons’ Provide Ethical Leadership in the Workplace

When individuals with strong moral character fill positions of prominence in their peer networks, they can have a positive influence on the moral awareness of others. These ‘moral beacons’ can help support a culture of ethical leadership, decision making...
May 04, 2024

Ethical Leadership Strengthens Team Efficacy and Social Cohesion

Leading in an ethical way is more than simply ‘doing the right thing.’ Increasingly, ethical leadership is correlated with team performance—for instance, as this study shows, an ethically led team is better placed to bounce back from a period of poor...
May 03, 2024