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research > Innovation and Entrepreneurship > Operations Management and Business Analytics

Overcoming hurdles to AI chatbots in customer service

AI chatbots can a be cost-effective means of providing customer service in many industries, but there are still hurdles to adoption. Carey Business School researchers search to find out why.
March 20, 2023
research > Accounting, Finance, and Economics

Why financial illiteracy is bad for doctors’ health

There are many studies about divorce, burnout, suicide, and substance abuse among medical providers. Now, Professor Yuval Bar-Or is part of the first literature review aimed at understanding the relationship between doctor stress and personal financial...
February 08, 2023
research > Managing Complex Organizations

When non-monetary rewards have negative impacts

Cassandra Chambers examined the behavior of contributors to a popular online computer programming community. Her finding could offer important insights for business leaders, particularly those managing a remote workforce.
January 13, 2023