Westley Koo portrait

Wesley W. Koo, PhD

Assistant Professor
Academic AreaManagement & Organization

Wesley W. Koo is an Assistant Professor in the Management & Organization area at Johns Hopkins Carey. Wesley's research examines the relations between business, technology, and society. It focuses on the governance of platform ecosystems and the effects of modern technology on business and society.

For example, he has studied rural entrepreneurs' ability to navigate changing algorithms and how platform governance affects the relations between domestic workers and their employers. His research has been published in top-tier academic journals and disseminated by leading media outlets. He serves on the editorial boards at Organization Science and Strategic Management Journal.

Wesley received his Ph.D. at Stanford University, where his research was supported by the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, Stanford SEED, Accel Partners, Strategic Management Society, and Alibaba Group. Prior to Stanford, Wesley was a tech entrepreneur and received dual degrees in Environmental Engineering and Management from MIT.



  • Strategic Management


Selected publications

  • 2024 Koo, WW & Eesley, CE. "Take Me Home, Country Roads: Return Migration and Platform Enabled Entrepreneurship." Organization Science.
  • 2024 Koo, WW. "Hybrid Governance of Platform Entrepreneurs." Research Policy.
  • 2023 Motley, C, Eesley, CE, & Koo, WW. “Born Into Chaos: Founding Team Imprinting and Environmental Change”. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal
  • 2023 Bahar, D, Choudhury, P, Kim, DY, & Koo, WW. “Innovation on Wings: Nonstop Flights and Firm Innovation in the Global Context”. Management Science.
  • 2021 Koo, WW, & Eesley, CE. “Platform Governance and the Rural-Urban Divide: Sellers’ Responses to Design Change”. Strategic Management Journal.
  • 2020 Wibbens, PD, Koo, WW, & McGahan, AM. “How many more days of social distancing before community transmission is controlled? A hierarchical Bayesian model of COVID-19 by jurisdiction”. PLOS One.