Suntae Kim

Suntae Kim, PhD

Assistant Professor
Academic AreaManagement & Organization
Academic AreaInnovation & Entrepreneurship

Suntae Kim is an Assistant Professor of Management and Organization at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. He studies the process whereby new forms of organizing emerge in the contexts of adversity, such as poverty, crisis, and discrimination. Specifically, Suntae has studied entrepreneurial efforts to revitalize Detroit, the evolution of a social entrepreneurship movement (B Corps), South Korean public health responses to COVID-19 pandemic, and North Korean refugee entrepreneurs. In studying these phenomena, he employs primarily qualitative research methods with a strong focus on unpacking and theorizing processes. Prior to joining Carey, Suntae was an Assistant Professor of Management and Organization at Boston College's Carroll School of Management.


  • PhD, Business Administration, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • MS & BS in Business Administration, Seoul National University


Selected publications

Working papers

  • Kim, S., Lee, H., Yoon, S., & Pak, Y. (under review, Administrative Science Quarterly). Title removed for blind review.
    • Topic: investigation into how complex social systems can adaptively reconstruct itself amid an unfolding crisis, in the context of initial COVID-19 outbreaks in South Korea
  • Young-Hyman, T., Kim, S., & Sobering, K. The Tenuous Emergence of Less Hierarchical Organizations: Dynamics Between Collectivist and Entrepreneurial Ideals. Preparing Manuscript.
    • Topic: emergence process of a fledgling worker cooperative amid tensions between ideals of democratic organizing and entrepreneurial organizing
  • Lee, H., Kim, S., Yoon, S., & Pak, Y. An Inevitable Failure of “Infallible Entrepreneurship” for North Korean Refugees. Analyzing Data.
    • Topic: study of complex entanglement between refugee entrepreneurship and host country’s social entrepreneurship, in the context of a sudden failure of a once-renowned South Korean entrepreneurship training program for North Korean refugees
  • Pak, Y., Kim, S., Yoon, S, & Lee, H. Need, Merit, and Script: How a Social Enterprise Molded Refugee Entrepreneurship. Preparing Manuscript.
    • Topic: the role of cultural scripts on determining success of North Korean refugee entrepreneurs in South Korea
  • Kim, S., Lee, H., Yoon, S., & Pak, Y. Accomplishing Ongoing System Adaptation amid Unfolding Crisis: South Korea’s Negotiated Enactment during Initial COVID-19 Outbreaks. Preparing Manuscript.
  • Young-Hyman, T., Kim, S., & Sobering, K. Democracy Ends at the Budget: How Resources Attenuate Tension between Competing Ideals in Emerging Democratic Organizations. Preparing Manuscript
  • Yoon, S., Kim, S., Lee, H., & Pak, Y. An Inevitable Failure of “Entrepreneurship That Does Not Fail” for North Korean refugees. Analyzing Data.



  • Behavioral Science: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Honors and distinctions

  • Carroll School Teaching Star, Boston College, 2019
  • Carroll School of Management Kelly Research Grant, Boston College, 2018
  • Carroll School of Management Faculty Fellowship, Boston College, 2017-2018
  • Robert Kahn Fellowship for the Scientific Study of Social Issues, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, 2014-2015
  • American Council of Stock Plan Professionals Fellowship, School of Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers University, 2014-2015 
  • Rackham Graduate School Research Grant, University of Michigan, 2014
  • Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship, University of Michigan, 2013-2014
  • Best Symposium Award, Organization and Management Theory Division, Academy of Management, 2013
  • Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Reviewer Award, Organization and Management Theory Division, Academy of Management, 2013
  • Ross Doctoral Research Grant, University of Michigan, 2013
  • Robert D. and Janet E. Neary Award, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, 2012
  • Samsung Scholarship, 2009-2014

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