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Greg Conderacci, MPP

Adjunct Instructor
Academic AreaMarketing
Academic AreaBusiness Communication

For more than four decades, Greg Conderacci has been using the magic of communication to help people lead happier, more productive and more rewarding lives.  In addition to teaching at Carey, he teaches marketing at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health.  His private consulting firm, Good Ground Consulting LLC, helps organizations and teams discover and defend their Good Ground – the fertile market niche where their productivity peaks.  In other words, he helps organizations selling intangibles answer their customers’ key question, “Why should I trust you?”


  • Masters in Public Policy, John F. Kennedy School, Harvard University
  • Bachelors in English Literature,  Princeton University


Selected publications



  • Health Marketing and Access at Carey
  • Marketing for Health Care Organizations at Bloomberg School of Public Health

Honors and distinctions

A graduate of Princeton University, he was Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Princetonian. A former registered representative and registered principal, he has completed the Securities Industry Institute at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.   For his age, he is a fairly decent ultra-distance bicycle racer and has won national age-group championships at 12 and 24 hours. He is the author of Getting UP! Supercharging Your Energy, which outlines his techniques for increasing personal energy.

Impact and engagement


Greg’s Good Ground Consulting clients have included a wide variety of health-related organizations: hospitals, hospital associations, insurance companies, medical device companies, physicians, a mental health provider network, a senior care provider, a health policy think tank, health care venture capitalists, a health care information technology company, a health club and Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer. He has also consulted with several educational institutions including Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, University of Connecticut, University of Rochester, and St. Paul’s and Friends Schools in Baltimore. As a Senior Fellow for the Business Learning Institute for more than 15 years, he has taught hundreds of CPAs how to sell their services.  He has also worked with sales teams at organizations like Metlife, Prudential Retirement, UBS, CIBC Mellon, and Bank of New York.

In the 1990s, Greg was Director of Marketing for Price Waterhouse’s information technology consulting practice in the Mid-Atlantic, Mid-Atlantic Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Prudential’s managed care operations, and Chief Marketing Officer for Alex. Brown (America’s Oldest Investment Bank).  Most recently, he was Director of Marketing for Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown, responsible for marketing strategy, marketing materials creation and design, and sales force coaching and training.

In the 1980s, he created and marketed several innovative programs for the poor of Maryland, including the state’s largest soup kitchen (it’s where the Pope eats when he comes to Baltimore).   In the 1970s, as a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, Greg covered business in Detroit (mostly autos) and also wrote economics out of Washington.

In the media

  • Greg Conderacci, “Motorgate: How a Floating Corpse Led to a Fraud Inquiry and Ousters by GM,” The Wall Street Journal, April 24, 1975