G. Reza Djavanshir

G. Reza Djavanshir, ScD

Associate Professor of Practice
Academic AreaInformation Systems
Areas of InterestStrategy Architecture, Advanced Topics in Systems Designs and Integration, Global-sourcing Strategy, Telecommunication Networks and Syst

Dr. Reza Djavanshir, Doctor of Science in Systems Engineering joined the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in 2002.
He is an Associate Professor in the practice track with specific expertise in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Smart
Infrastructures developments, Technology Transfer, Institutionalizations, and Strategic Planning.


  • ​ScD, Systems Engineering, George Washington University.
  • MS, Industrial Engineering & O.R. George Washington University (Advisor, Donald Gross).
  • BSc, Mathematical Sciences, State University of Azarabadegan-Tabriz, Iran.​


    Selected publications
    • G. Reza Djavanshir, Communications for IT Professional, with Liebowitz, J, Agresti, W. Prentice Hal,NJ: (2006).
    Book Chapters
    • Djavanshir, G. R. (2016). The Institutional Inertias of Technology-driven Economics Development. In Phillip Phan (Ed.), Academic Entrepreneurship: Translating Discoveries to the Marketplace. Cheltenham, UK: Edgar Publisher, pp. 185-205. (20th ed., pp. 185-205). Edward Elgar Publishing.
    • Djavanshir, G. (2014). What are Systems-of-Systems (Metasystem) and Authopoietic (self- producing) Systems. In Phillip Laplante and et al., / IEEE and Pennsylvania State University (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Information Systems and Technology. New York, NY: Encyclopedia of Information Systems and Technology, Francis Taylor and IEEE.
    • Alavizadeh, A., Djavanshir, G., Tarokh, M. J., Mo, J. (2012). Agile Value Creation and Co- evolution in Global Supply Chains. In Ephrem Eyob and 10th Ed.), Customer- Oriented Global Supply Chains (vol. 1, pp. 30). IGI Global Publisher.
    • Technology Based Strategic Planning, study guide, McGraw Hill, 2004.
    • Djavanshir, G., R., Novitzky, J. &  Khorramshahgol, R.  (2009). "Critical Characteristics of Meta-Systems:   Toward Defining Meta-systems’ Governance Structure." IEEE Computer Society, IT Pro.  Vol. 11. No 2.
    • Khorramshahghol, R. & Djavanshir, G.R. (August 2008). Application of analytic hierarchy process to Taguchi method to determine proportionality constant in quality loss function. IEEE Transaction on Engineering Management.
    • Djavanshir, G. R. & Khorramshahgol, R. (July 2007). The key process areas of systems integration. IEEE Computer Society IT Pro.
    • Djavanshir, G. R., & Agresti, W.W. (2007). Success factors in IT consulting and their reliance on effective communications. IEEE Computer Society IT Pro, 8(1), 24-29.
    • Djavanshir, G. R. & Khorramshahghol, R. (1996). An evaluation of networking technologies. Journal of Telematics and Informatics, 13(1), 17-22.
    Working papers
    • Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Diagnoses
    • Artificial Intelligence in service deliveries.
    • Smart Infrastructures developments for building Smart Cities.


    • Data (Telecom) Networks Infrastructures and Emerging Technologies.
    • IT Development and Global-sourcing Strategies.
    • Artificial Intelligence.
    • Business Analytics. Managing Complex Projects
    • Advanced Topics in Information Systems - Large-scale Meta-systems ("System-of-Systems") Architecture.
    • Telecom Networks, Mobile and Cloud Systems
    •  Technology Strategic Planning

    Honors and distinctions

    • Dean’s Award for Faculty Excellence, 2019
    • Dean’s Award for Faculty Excellence, 2018
    • Dean's Award for Faculty Excellence, 2017
    • Excellence in Teaching Award, Johns Hopkins University’s Students Association, 2010.
    Editorial Boards: 
    • Associate Editor In Chief (AEIC), IEEE, Computer Society IT Professionals: 2017 -
    • Chief Editor for IEEE Computer Society, ITPro.’s Special Issue in Artificial Intelligence (AI), 2020.
    • Chair IEEE Computer Society for Selecting and awarding Best papers, 2018 – Present.
    • Editor (Information Systems), IEEE Computer Society, ITPro; 2004 – Present.
    • Associate Editor, JCIS - Journal of Computer and Info Systems, Minneapolis, 2012 – Present
    • Associate Editor, IEEE, Technology and Society: November 1, 2010 – 2017.
    • Associate Editor, Journal of Administrative Science: September 2007 – 2014.