Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Committee is charged with advising the Dean of the Carey Business School on issues related to diversity and inclusion, including:

  1. Implementing University diversity and inclusion initiatives as appropriate to the School
  2. Promoting diversity and inclusion issues at the School
  3. Educating faculty, staff, and students about diversity and inclusion issues
  4. Reviewing and monitoring School initiatives on these issues

Membership Roster

Luis Quintero, Co-Chair - leq@jhu.edu

Katie Kelley, Co-Chair - kkelle17@jhu.edu

Ali Fattahi - ali.fattahi@jhu.edu

LaToya Fendrick - lfendri1@jhu.edu

Rick Milter - milter@jhu.edu

Supriya Munshaw - smunsha1@jhu.edu

John Niemi - john.niemi@jhu.edu

Bonnie Robeson - brobeson@jhu.edu

Karen Sentementes: ksent@jhu.edu

Aaron Urbanski - dau@jhu.edu

Roger Williams - r.williams@jhu.edu

The Diversity Committee seeks additional members.

Ex-Officio/Diversity Leadership Council

Caroline Laguerre-Brown, Vice Provost for Institutional Equity - cbrow121@jhu.edu

Contact the Committee by email: Carey.diversity@jhu.edu