The mission of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Alumni groups is to bridge connections for alumni to the School and each other and build a powerful alumni network across the world through outreach, events, and volunteer opportunities that celebrate, connect, and inspire. 

The Carey Business School has established regional alumni clubs in Beijing, Chicago, Greater Boston, Greater New York City, Korea, Mid-Atlantic, San Francisco Bay Area, and Shanghai. Key initiatives for the clubs include:

  • Support of current students through hosting student treks or connecting with student organizations
  • Support of Carey Admissions and Career Development activities, including volunteering at MBA fairs, speaking with prospective and admitted students, and sharing career insights with current students
  • Serving as alumni ambassadors by encouraging Carey community members to attend events and connect with fellow alumni
  • Participating in philanthropy to support key initiatives of the Carey Business School and build upon the philanthropic legacy of William P. Carey

Alumni Volunteers

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School alumni groups are powered through the dedication and commitment of alumni volunteers. Key roles for club volunteer leaders include:

  • Provide input and feedback on activities and programs that resonate with the local alumni population
  • Share advice and regional insights
  • Partner with Carey Alumni Relations staff on a yearly plan and engagement strategy
  • Promote events and help recruit additional volunteers
  • Support the school through philanthropy

Alumni can find more information about the School’s current clubs and how to connect below. If the region you live in does not currently have a club, there may be a Hopkins Chapter in the area.

If you are interested in getting involved with a regional club or starting one of your own, please contact


  • Hao Yu, GMBA 2012

For more information contact Jennifer Benson (WeChat: jennifer_benson)


  • Sylvia Menias, MS 1992, MBA 2001
  • Michael Marano, MBA 2012
  • Natasha Chan, MBA/MPH 2017
  • Shelby Williford, MSM 2015
  • Anthony Jahanbakhsh, GMBA 2017
  • Mahdi Hemingway, GMBA 2017


  • Victoria Fitch, MSRE 2014
  • Jesse Jacoby, MBA 2002
  • John Linton, GMBA 2014
  • Joshua Rubin, MBA 2018
  • John Wimmer, MSIT 2008

Greater Boston

  • Vinita Bhaskar, GMBA 2014
  • Stacey Mallon, MBA 2011
  • Florcy Morisset, MBA/MA 2016
  • Uzo Mba, MSIS 2015
  • Victoria Richard, MBA 2013

Greater New York City

  • John Baldino
  • Stephanie Bean, MBA/MPH 2011
  • Joe Bognanno
  • Tatiana Carett, MBA/MPH 2011
  • Molly  Joyce, GMBA 2013




  • Sungkon Cho, JD/MBA 2010
  • Sarah Jung, BBA 2012, MSM 2014
  • Jane Lim, BBA 2014


Los Angeles

  • Dilip Makkena, GMBA 2018
  • Shelby Schemerhorn, GMBA 2018​


  • Edward Meekins, MBA 2015
  • Mervat Mina, MBA 2015
  • Dorian Perez, MBA 2014
  • Tom Thomson, MBA 2013

San Francisco Bay Area

  • Katie Saiget, Kreiger/Carey 2012
  • Jack Hirsch, GMBA 2012
  • Aaron Landgraf, GMBA 2012



  • Leo Li, GMBA 2014

For more information contact Jennifer Benson (WeChat: jennifer_benson)