Randy Russell, Carey ’01

Randy Russell, Carey '01

Co-founder, MobileX
New York, NY

Randy Russell has co-founded MobileX, a prepaid cell plan provider that uses AI to learn the habits of its customers. The company is currently in beta testing. Priot to that, Randy served as the CEO of Pendrell Financial Services. Pendrell is the financial investment arm of billionaire telecom executive Craig McCaw.

Randy joined Pendrell from Bank of America, where he served as a senior investment banker on the Global Technology, Media & Telecom investment banking coverage team, a role he started in June 2018. Prior to Bank of America, Randy was an investment banker at Deutsche Bank Securities in New York City for 17 years, where he started as a first-year Associate in Telecom coverage and rose to become to the Americas Head of Media & Telecom investment banking.

Before moving into finance, Randy was an Officer and Naval Aviator in the United States Marine Corps, where he served on active duty from 1991-1999. He rose to the rank of Major, and his military roles included KC-130 pilot, aircraft maintenance officer and forward air controller. Randy remains active with formal and grass roots military veteran career transition and mentoring programs and spends time with a variety of diversity efforts on Wall Street.