Identity in the Workplace Series

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Identity in the Workplace

A dialogue between Carey students and alumni who identify as, ally, and advocate across various intersectional identities.

Each session opens with a member or two of our community sharing their stories around challenges and opportunities in the workplace, then opens up to discussion on that specific identity in the workplace.

This program offers a safe and open space for all, and we are coming together to create an inclusive experience. There is intersectionality among these identities, which we welcome and will naturally come up in each session.

Past Topics & Storytellers

LGBTQ+ in the Workplace, October 28 2022

  • Co-Sponsored by Out for Business

Featured Storytellers:

  • Brian Fruchey, MBA 2008 | Brian Fruchey is the Senior Director of Meta's Interviewer and Assessment team. Leveraging his past experience in People Analytics, his teams use data to drive improvements in consistency and quality of the hiring and evaluation processes. He has worked at Meta (formally Facebook) for nearly 7 years. Previous to Meta he was the Head of People Analytics at and has held various senior level roles at eBay, the Department of Defense, and Accenture.
  • Charlie AcostaMPH/MBA 2022 | Charlie was an MD before joining the MPH/MBA program (’22), works in Biotechnology in the active life-science hub of Boston, researching cell and gene therapies while providing strategic insights for health economics and market value access and building career development opportunities for people with diverse backgrounds. Charlie served as President of Out for Business and won the 2022 “Carey Collaborative Leadership Award” for bringing LGBTQ+ cases to class and prioritizing gender inclusive practices for business. Living between New York and Baltimore, Charlie can be found having a cup of coffee at Pitango all the way to bungee jumping in South America.

Race in the Workplace, 9/30/22, co-Sponsored by Chinese Student Scholar Association and the Indian Student Association

Academic Year 2021-2022 Topics & Storytellers

Gender in the Workplace (9/15/21)

Race in the Workplace (10/13/21)

Accessibility in the Workplace (11/10/21)

LGBTQ+ in the Workplace (1/26/22)

Mental Health in the Workplace (2/23/22)

Socioeconomics in the Workplace (3/30/22)

  • Kiante Bush, MBA 2022 Candidate from Morgan State University in partnership with Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
  • Jessica Antonen, MBA 2024 Candidate and Carey Staff
  • Chuck Amos, MBA 2012

Global Citizens/Expats in the Workplace (4/20/22)

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