Seminars & Conferences

Seminars & Conferences


Carey Business School faculty regularly host industry-specific conferences and symposiums, encouraging collaboration and discourse among academics working  and researching within particular disciplines. 

This fall, Carey was pleased to host the Johns Hopkins Symposium on Healthcare Operations (JHSHO), co-chaired by Tinglong Dai and Ozge Sahin.

This spring, Carey will host the Social Networks and Information Conference, organized by Ying Chen and Itay Fainmesser.

Research Seminar Series

The Research Seminar Series at Carey is held in the Faculty Commons, Room 1301, at the Harbor East campus, typically starting at noon. Seminars are open to all JHU faculty and staff and invited guests. If you are not a Carey employee, please call to let us know of your arrival: 410-234-9400.

The series now includes Interdisciplinary Seminars. These seminars feature speakers who work across disciplines.


8/30/2016: Jiwoong Shin, Yale School of Management at Yale University (Marketing), "Managing Buzz" 

9/8/2016: Indranil Bardhan, The University of Texas at Dallas (Operations/IS) 

9/13/2016: Andrew Postlewaite, University of Pennsylvania (Economics), "Information Size"

9/15/2016: David Simchi Levi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Operations/IS), "Data-Driven Research in Revenue Management"

9/16/2016: Francis Longstaff, UCLA Anderson School of Management (Finance, Real Estate), "Macroeconomic-Driven Prepayment Risk and Valuation of Mortgage-Backed Securities"

9/22/2016: S. Sriram, Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan (Marketing), "Paywalls: Monetizing Online Content" 

9/27/2016: Diane Burton, ILR School at Cornell University (Management/Strategy/OB) 

10/4/2016: Rebecca Hamilton, Georgetown University (Marketing) 

10/6/2016: Ali Jadbabaie, University of Pennsylvania & Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Operations/IS, Economics), "Dynamic pricing in social networks: The word of mouth effect"

10/13/2016: Ben Hallen, Foster School of Business, University of Washington (Management/Strategy/OB), "When Do Young Organizations Remain Network Isolates? The Drivers of Entrepreneurial Bootstrapping in the Mobile App Ecosystem" (with Jason Davis and Pai-Ling Yin)

10/18/2016: Victor Aguirregabiria, University of Toronto (Economics), "The Geographic Flow of Bank Funding: Branch Networks and Local-Market Competition" (with Robert Clark and Hui Wang) 

10/19/2016: Chris Tang, UCLA Anderson School of Management (Operations/IS), "Win-Win Capacity Allocation Contracts in Co-Production and Co-Distribution Alliances"

10/25/2016: Harrison Hong, Princeton University  (Finance/Real Estate), "Location Choice, Portfolio Choice"

11/8/2016: Angela Lee, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University (Marketing), "The Creative Power of Color Harmony" 

11/10/2016: Nina Mazar, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto (Marketing, Behavioral Econ, Experimental, Development), "When Retailing and Las Vegas Meet: Probabilistic Free Price Promotions" 

11/29/2016: David Miller, University of Michigan(Economics) 

12/6/2016: Itay Goldstein, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania  (Finance/Real Estate), "Credit Rating Inflation and Firms’ Investments" 

12/9/2016: Arvind Krishnamurthy, Stanford Graduate School of Business (Finance/Real Estate), "A Model of Safe Asset Determination"  

12/13/2016: Timothy Simcoe, Boston University (Management/Strategy/OB), "Learning When to Quit"


3/7/2017: Harikesh Nair, Stanford Graduate School of Business (Marketing) 

3/9/2017: Vincent Glode, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania  (Finance,Real Estate)

3/14/2017: Victor Martinez de Albeniz, IESE Business School, University of Navarra (Operations/IS) 

3/21/2017: Francine Lafontaine, Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan (Economics) 

3/23/2017: Rafaella Sadun, Harvard Business School (Management/Strategy/OB) 

3/28/2017: Amir Yaron, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania  (Finance,Real Estate)

3/30/2017: Scott Rick, Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan (Marketing) 

4/4/2017: Marlys Christianson, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto (Management/Strategy/OB)

4/5/2017: Christopher M. Forman, Cornell University Dyson School (Operations/IS) 

4/6/2017: Chad Syverson, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business (Economics) 

4/11/2017: Aparna Labroo, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University (Marketing) 

4/13/2017: Zhiguo He, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business (Finance/Real Estate) 

4/18/2017: Serguei Netessine, INSEAD (Operations/IS)

4/20/2017: Bradley Staats, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School (Management, Operations, Marketing) 

4/25/2017: Jonathan Levin, Stanford Graduate School of Business (Economics) 

4/27/2017: Anandhi Bharadwaj, Emory Goizueta Business School (Operations/IS) 

5/2/2017: Wei Xiong, Princeton University (Finance/Real Estate) 

5/4/2017: Bryan Graham, University of Caltifornia, Berkeley College of Letters and Science (Economics)

5/9/2017: Miguel Unzueta, UCLA Anderson School of Management (Management/Strategy/OB) 

5/11/2017: Aureo De Paula, University College London (Economics)

5/16/2017: Wesley Hartmann, Stanford Graduate School of Business (Marketing) 

5/18/2017: Raymond Fisman, Boston University (Finance, Economics, Policy, Management, Experimental, Behavioral Econ) 

5/23/2017: Robert Shumsky, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College(Operations/IS) 

5/25/2017: Suresh Sunderasan, Columbia Business School (Finance, Economics, Statistics)